Comic-Con details now made public ( Spoiler warning! )

I’m not talking about that you stupid fuck. - we knew about that stuff this morning

7 new characters for ssf4
alpha 4
3rd strike hdr
rival school 3
new dark stalker
new bloody roar

etc, etc I highly doubt they would show off all these games at comic-con. BUT I HOPE TC IS RIGHT : )

I wonder if DLC characters are real, will they be VS only or will they be fully created with relevant rival battles and animated prologues and epilogues.

He posted after that was announced though…


Actually, the other poster VGMaster9 is clearly being sarcastic. The only part of the initial posters information that makes it seem at all possible is the fact he provides small, but interesting details, like what the new Tekken character looks like. In any case, does it really matter? We’ll all know soon enough regardless.

As awesome as the OP sounds, I will wait until Saturday to find out the truth.

Please all be real.

Please do not be a troll oh my god, I would love a new Darkstalkers

If the first 2 are true I’m going to poop myself, last one is cool too but I’m not a huge Tekken nerd.

Bolded: FUCK YESSSSSSSS! Hoping for Sodom, Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Charlie or Elena as the other 4.

This is the one thing that makes me doubt this.

How can this be everything of importance? ASW announcement isn’t mentioned anywhere in your OP, and don’t say it’s because it was already announced in the AH3 leak, because you included the MvC3 news which has been announced already as well.

So many of you are being trolled right now its hilarious

Why would AH3 be at Comicon?

I’m only going on Sunday this year, so even if I go by the Capcom booth and what-knot, I’ll miss the big announcements. Dammit…I’ve gone all 4 days of the Con for the past 10 years, and I’m gonna miss out this one year.

And if this info is mostly true: Hell will officically be frozen over.

I am thinking that too.

interesting. very interesting. Now with that said and and loketest this weekend in japan there’s got to be something to this rumor. Why would they have tests when its the same characters on the consoles?

7 new characters??!?! Neat. Rolento and Alex mentioned. Possibility of Karin, Elena? I hope. Even so the SSF4 needs more balance.

For some reason I think they’d save it for a Japanese event if one was coming up. Maybe all the Marvel stuff here but not SF4 or DS.

I’ll just call someone I know who’s there and ask her to ask/look around.

I want this to be real really bad!

Also, check out the guy’s join date.

Let’s see what happens.

oh god dammit

Hold on who you talking to like that? Address me like you got some damn sense. What you mad about something take it out on your dog. See I am not going to call you names because you are not worth my time.

A friend of mine that’s there is gonna check it out for me. She’s working a booth right now but she said she’s seen stuff for SF, Tekken, and Darkstalkers. I’m sure there’s MvC3 stuff too.

I’ll let you know as soon as she gets back to me.

I hope this is true but im getting the feeling that im being trolled right now. Its working.