Comic-Con MadCatz Pads/Sticks Availability


Just a heads-up for anyone interested. Comic-Con pads now for sale at GameShark Store.


Sticks are Comic-Con ONLY, not online if anyone is wondering/asks.


Looks like the pads are available to buy from online but not the sticks.


were the for sale if EVO? I’m curious (wasn’t there). It’d be lame if capcom would sell them at comic-con but not the biggest fighting tourney in the world.


capcom… seriously? :wonder:


why bother even putting it on the MC shopping site then…


Seems like they’re building some hype for it. I guess will see if there’s a reason considering they’re only available at Comic-Con as of now


they have to build hype to sell 500 limited edition sticks at a place filled with thousands of gaming fans?


MadCatz is based in San Diego, which would probably be a good explanation as to why it’s exclusive to Comic-Con.


That’s what I’m saying. It doesn’t make much sense.


Meh, those sticks are ugly anyways. It’s not like they’re made by Sega or anything:wink:


That makes zero sense. If I made a packer stick I wouldn’t limit the sale to people at the stadium.


And then advertise it in Japan…


exactly! I would only advertise it in India.


Bleh, I kinda want to get one just for the collectibility of it, but IMO that is such an ugly design both for the pads and the sticks.


I’m in the same boat.


Lol, If you want, you are just some white Vinyl dye, orange and yellow sanwa parts, orange paint and some photoshop work away from making your own today or if you miss out on buying one.

Only thing special about it is the dustwasher. If they made the thing out of aluminum, now that would be a worthy Limited Edition.


Don’t forget the exclusive Comic-Con packaging!


it looks pretty sweet but considering the amount of customization opportunities out there for any TE, not really worth it. Unless you just have to have it for collectors value… I know I’ve spent ridiculous money on stuff before that other people wouldn’t even look at for that same reason.


Now that I think about it, this is something cool for people who don’t mod their sticks.

After all, not every single arcade stick owner frequents the SRK Tech Talk forums like we all do.