Comic Con Rare Madcatz TE Stick PS3


Selling off a Comic Con TE stick for the ps3 barely used.

looking for $300 obo


Interested in trade for my PS3 VLX? It has a crack on the left in the white side bezel and is missing 2 thumbscrews, Other than that, it is in perfect working condition for the PS3.

Hori Real Arcade PRO.3 Premium VLX for PS3 = $250 +Shipping



Not really looking for a trade just selling it off really.


good stuff, thanks for the reply. Good luck with sales.


You dont have enough posts to sell yet


How many posts do you need to sell then?


Pretty sure its 50. But the good news is you meet the time requirement part already. I’m looking forward to being able to sell on here later this year.

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ahh that’s cool yeah didn’t really read up wasn’t expecting to be selling anything any time soon tbh. but doing it as a favor to a friend of mine.