Comic Con


Any one here making the trip to San Diego this year? I’m not going but if you want to play some 3rd Strike, hit me up!!


San Jose Chun Buns.



I’m not too fond of the pattern on her qipao, but +10 points for not wearing heeled boots. Those ruin even the best of Chun cosplays.


So you guys went to the Twilight screening?


as a Chun player, this makes me angry.

stop disrespecting Chun you pig disgusting cosplayers


Chun is a slut. If she wasn’t a slut than why are there so many doujin’s proving otherwise?


SF4 chun took like a million redraws of her face. You know, “only the best for the best SFighter game!!”

The face here is passable, you gay Chun player. Now with Akuma in avatar?! Not gay for Chun. And prob a scrubd0wn to Ryan.


(Ryan’s house for lessons to your Chun in person is the point of the topic. Will you even know what the hell happened?)

Also there was YayaHan chun, if that’s more your style… she was a mess. You will have to go outside this topic for that, SRK dgaf, they like yaya :confused: