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Hey guys, I’m Adrian, a 2nd year film student at Humber College in Toronto. I’m working on a documentary about comic book collectors and how comic may have taken over or started to control their lives and/or this obsession with comics may have affected this person negatively. If you are or you know anyone like this, and are from the Toronto area, and wouldn’t mind answering a few questions…please contact my film producer Andrei at:
or call him at

thanks, Adrian


There is a regional section. If you’re looking for people from Canada, you might want to post there and NOT in the generals. (

Oh, since I’m gonna count this as an introduction thread, pics of gf/sister/wife is mandatory.


Wow! There’s this one guy in Toronto who posts here, Carpet Lint, who has an unhealthy, self-destructive obsession with the Batman comic. I think he’d be perfect for your doc. His obsession has definitely affected him in many negative ways. Like, he can’t stop buying the series no matter how bad it is. He’s got this sick desire to collect every single consecutive issue ever published, no matter the cost. If you do a search in the forums maybe you can find the posts where he explains the lengths he’s gone to in order to complete his quest for a complete run of Batman. Selling illicit drugs, burglary, self-prostitution, sacrificing friends and family… it’s quite epic.

I’ve never met him personally, but judging by his posts here, he certainly seems like a social miscreant and worthy of your filming.


Oh come on. Two-Face Batman was awesome, my purchase of this comic is completely justified.

…God help me.