Comic idea help

I’m stumped on this…i’ve kinda thought out this characte a bit for a few years. I’ve always wanted to make a mr.miracle type character…but from what i understand mr.miracle has no powers…checking over his wiki. I have this kid who is growing up escaping all these weird situations and never understanding how. But i figured his power works subcounciously and similar to gun-kata…where he has an advanced mind but seems to only work when he’s in danger. It figures out the best statistical probablities of escaping from something and kicks his body into gear without him knowing. He almost goes into a trance state as he does it.

what do u guys think?

Kind of reminds me of the Bourne Identity, in that the guy’s body is acting before his conscious mind has a chance to register what’s going on. There’s also a great episode of the X-Files that it reminds me of, in which a guy survives a number of certain-death situations purely by dumb luck. At one point, he fell off a building and into an open manhole, that just happened to have a huge bin full of laundry at the bottom for him to land in.

Anyway, it sounds pretty cool to me. I like it that this guy doesn’t really have super powers as we traditionally think of them. It’s more like a weird talent.

Just don’t make him into a typical superhero comic, or give him a typical superhero origin. Sometimes, stuff is cooler when you make it mysterious. If anything, the character will be more interesting if he’s something of an ordinary Joe, rather than a guy who gets zapped with cosmic rays and suddenly decides to fly around in a leotard.

That’s cool. You ever read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay or any of The Escapist comics? That’s sort of what I thought of once I read your idea. Like… Houdini on Morrison-style LSD. I don’t know what you are stumped on, though. Coming up with a story idea?

its gonna be a kid/teen…cause i’ve always wanted to write a kids comic…mainstream comics have strayed wayy too far from their origins. Also it defintly wouldn’t be a superhero tights sense…i developed the kid to a orphan who’s trying to figure out why his body is like this. Why he seems to have the ability to escape any situation he finds himself in.

i almost invisioned it as a y the last man(the wandering and escape artist) meets mr. miracle

i dunno if i wanna create a whole new world for this character or have him be in our world.

I also thought that since his mind is advanced its easy enough later on to have him develop a more easier access to this power or even he will have to develop escape artist skills himself and learn the true art due to say he’s using 40% of his brain when the human mind is only supposed to use 10.

anyone seen the show strange luck when they were younger?

Zephyranthes: well i wasnt sure if his power would sound like ass or not. i’m highly critical of my stuff…especially my drawings. and think everythings a shitty idea to a certain extent.

escape artist comics?

Well, I wouldn’t worry about the art. There are comics artists out there who have pretty weak art but can still make good comics. I’m thinking of indie guys like Scott Mills or Jeffrey Brown - if you look at their art, it’s terrible sometimes. Like, you can’t even tell what something is that they drew. From what I remember of your art, it’s not that bad. But those guys are successful because they can tell stories around their own limitations. Either that, or the comic gods just bless them bountifully for some reason or other.

Your guy’s power doesn’t sound stupid or anything. I really believe that it’s not powers that make the man, it’s what you make him do. I’m sure if you think hard enough, you can come up with a really lame power but still figure out a creative way to implement said lame power into an amusing story.

Ideas almost always sound terrible when you say them out loud. I feel the same way about my own ideas. That’s why I never share them with anyone until I have done something. And even then, I might keep it to myself because I still feel like what I did was wretched and embarrassing. I’m starting to feel that it’s execution that really matters. Most ideas are workable, but it’s how you use them that can make them seem better or worse than they actually are.

Not sure if you were asking me about what The Escapists comics are, but in case you were, this is what I was talking about.

That’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning, 630 page love letter to the comics medium right there. Dark Horse also published a series of anthologies based on the novel’s story-within-a-story. (The novel followed the lives of two men who created a comic book character named the Escapist.) BKV also did a miniseries about the Escapist. The HC should be coming out in Nov. or Dec.

so i’m currently outlining the comic and have about 4-5 volumes in my head currently. I’m probably gonna write out a few chapters in novel form and post up here to get a general feel to how you guys feel towards it…so expect sumtin in the coming weeks.