Comic Odyssey 's "Rep Your Set!" SFIVAE/ MVC3 3v3 Regional Battle Results- San Diego, CA.- 7/16

**Marvel vs Capcom 3v3 Regional Team Tournament **
1st- Team Ginyu Force- kankuro SDT, Dios X, NeRemixed
2nd- Team North County- Viscant, netedge, GCSupra
3rd- Team Tongs Money- Genghis, Crisco, combusted
4th- Team Combos for Days- Charles, Matt, call2arms
5th- Team Car Full of Girl- honey badger, KSexy, unprotectedSEX

Super Street Fighter IV AE 3v3 Regional Team Tourney
1st- Team Azteca- Repulse ( Yang), netedge (Akuma), Jokersss ( C. Viper)
2nd- Team Shaq Made All His Money in College- NeRemixed ( Ibuki), sallabout08 (Boxer), unprotectedSEX ( Rufus)
3rd- Team Tongs Money- Genghis ( Dictator), Charles ( Yun), combusted ( Rose)
4th- Team Butt Fucking- Who is J- Mo? ( Boxer), KSexy ( E. Honda), lovo ( Akuma)
5th- Team East County- Frank Fresh ( Ryu), Kuizzy Ef Baby ( E. Honda), Chong Wang ( Claw)
5th- Team North County- Viscant ( Deejay), GCSupra ( Blanka), Dios X ( Dictator)
7th- Team Black Man- Who the Fuck is Nick ( Fei Long), PKSkyler ( Dan), Maku ( Makoto)

Bounties of the Night
First of all what is a bounty?
Certain players are picked out to become bounties in the tournament.
If the bounty is defeated in losers the person who beat that bounty gets money. Tonight bounties where worth $5.00.
Tonight’s bounties where…
Who is J- Mo?

unprotectedSEX beats Who is J-Mo? collecting the bounty
sallabout08 beats combusted collecting the bounty
Repulse beats unprotectedSEX collecting the bounty
and jokersss keeps his bounty

Achievements of the Night
First of all whats an achievement?
Just like Xbox achievements, a played does something special and gets money.
Achievements where worth $2.00
Achievement of the night: First 6 people to get perfects in a round get $2.00

  1. NeRemixed
  2. Dios X
  3. Genghis x2???
  4. Repulse x2???

first of all big ups to Comic Odyssey for letting us play
J- Mo, Jamaal, JD, and Ali giving us a place to play on Mondays and other fighting game events at Odyssey

The idea was great, I mean the people who came out are the people who want to play. I know there was gonna be some other teams but people have work and what not so its all good. They kept it as much as a regional tourney as they can. There might of been a team or 2 who had a player from a different region but its all good i had a fucking blast.

Good shit to South East San Diego for holding it down in marvel, Dios X, NeRemixed, and kankuro.
I mean there were only 5 teams but those 5 teams of 3 had good players
Good shit to my sexy teammates Chrocket and KSex

Street Fighter IV AE was fun to thanks to my team mates sallabout08 and NeRemixed, I mean we got 2nd, we lost are first match and came back hard in losers, went through some good players. I know Lagade barely players AE and Ray is just coming back to the scene what a good come back. im down to play with you 2 at any team tourney

Good shit to all the teams I played
good shit to team azteca
sam yang is a twin making him broken, but sam using a twin is more broken
greg good shit man you perfected people and your viper is getting more and more fierce every time, im glad your on my league team
netedge you beat me asshole x_x, but for real man you mind fucked me good shit man

good games all around
hope to more big tourneys at co, box, and ttf!!!

good night

Thanks to:

Man I wanted to go to this but I’ve been having a ridiculous ear infection. Looks like ya’ll had fun!

im elton john cause im white right?
fkn racist

ggs last night. glad to be able to make it out to these events again.
Thanks cody and lagade for teaming up with me and lagade for reminding me that balrog cr jab is godlike.

time to work on my game again. Looking forward to playing again.

Good games last night, Lots of intense matches. Hope everyone is ready for EVO!

Apologize for the time it took… But I had fun… Gg’s

I like to thank phoenix, and my money for paying for cody to showcase high level mvc3 play. chyea.