Comic Odyssey's SFIV 2v2- San Diego, CA.- 2/15

out of 11 teams

Top 8
1st- Cool Story Broh- yeb (Gen) / n3m0n1c (Sagat)
2nd- Raging Opera aka Cody Jackson and the Lagadians- unprotectedSEX( Rufus)/Neremixed (Akuma)
3rd- CertifiedBEEF- BEEFCAKE( Boxer)/ Mr. Certified (Chun)
4th- Phma- AdonisMP(Boxer)/ oceansideDOODs(Sagat)
5th- SexyBots- KSexy/ pimpbot9000
5th- Tour De France- Watts/ Who is J-Mo?
7th- Combusted DJ- combusted/DJMasters
7th- ???- laceysan/RoDcHaN

9th- Alpha?
9th- MaxiPads- vutek/???
9th- Jackie Chan- ???/???

Shout out to Ali for letting us play at his shop and Adonis for getting it going
Thanks to all the players who came out to play on a Monday

Thanks to certifiedBEEF for giving me a run for my money
Thanks to Lagade for being my partner
and thank you Z Man

Thank god I finally clutched it out , 3-0 in grand finals for me good stuff to everyone fernando your rog is a bitch u know me so well i’m forced to play turtle sagat hella gay , lagade are matches are getting really good , 1-2 to you today good stuff

CODY!!! got my revenge games :slight_smile: from the last 2v2 tourny but real real like I told you and everyone else Good shit leveling up we got a serious rufus now more then ever

and of course thanks adonis and ali for hosting , and thanks to yeb for carrying me to the finals , glad I could get your back there :slight_smile:

copy and paste

Good set of games towards the end.
Almost ocvd your team, gg for being clutch Chris and Cody.
Yeb still godlike and a pleasure playing you, Nemo our matches go either way, still good shit.
Ray, sooooo close haha f it, next time.

Ggs all around.

Ggs to certifiedbeef and tour de France! and everyone i played in casuals. Mayb I’ll see u guys tmwr.

thank you nemo for your dollar

thank you cody for winning me my dollar

thank you ali for hosting

ggs to everyone

im salty about my losses though…

o yeah, how was that freeeeeee ride adonis?