ComicCon leaks and speculations [FAKE]

ok a friend sent me this. may be a photo shop pick or it may be leak for comic con.

what do you think?

I think it looks like Wesker, including the small character portrait (at least from the eyes down). Could be a 'shop. Definitely looks like Wesker’s clothes to me, altered though. I believe Deadpool’s sword looks exactly like that also.

It’s fake. A user by the name of Kanta Kun here on SRK made it over the weekend.

EDIT: an excerpt from the “Lupinko says there will be a Super MvC3” thread:

You must be out of the loop, so I’m gonna be nice about this.

That image is a fake made by a member of this forum. Check that Lupinko thread at the top of the list - the 300+ page one. There’s a lot of good fakes in there.

Can a mod close this?

I can tell you really want it to be real and want us to tell you it is.

Yes, there are like 3 others like this. I can’t quit laughing, however. It’s a modded Wesker created by the great Kanta Kun. If you closely at the vines nears “Vergil’s” head, you’ll see a tiny hand.

Such foolishness