Comics from the month and year you were born


I started digging around, seeing if anything significant was released in my birth month, and stumbled upon this:

Pretty awesome, since I’m a She-Hulk fan.

Nothing else significant, I was hoping for a Hawkeye, but I’ll take a Shulkie. Anything interesting from your birth month?


I was born on March 5 1975 so I missed this by two months, Giant-Size X-Men came out in May of that year. Not much came out in March in 1975 for comics that I know of. Ha at least I’m older than Nightcrawler, Storm and Colossus by a few months. Those young whipper snappers!

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There was a Spectacular Spider-Man issue I jacked from the library when I was little, but I decided to use this since Walt Simonsons run on Thor is one of my favorites to read and I am a huge Thor fan. Came out June 1986


January 1992: Daredevil #300, Spiderman comics, and Nova appearing in some of these 90’s comics.
I thought I’d go with Jim Lee X-Men





Jealous of Barbie #5 there… 1st appearance of the infinite staircase.


Ronin #1 was probably the most notable comic to come out my birth month.