Comics Team Awards


Give the winner with your own opinion.

"The Timeless Award"
Given to the team that over time has not lost its touch, despite losing and gaining members

"The R4 Sagat Cr.F. Award"
Given to the team that is just way too overpowered.

"The Cool As Ice Award"
Given to the team that carries awesome style.

"The OMG This Is A Waste of Paper Award"
Given to the team that really should have never been created and is just plain stupid.

"The This Team Has Had Too Many Members Award"
Self explanatory.

"The Best Team Leader Award"
Given to the best team leader who has remained consistent.

"The Best Team Villain Award"
Given to the villain that has been the biggest thorn in any teams side.

Ok thats all for now. I think this should be enough, have fun!
PS: I am biased for Marvel. :woot:

"The Timeless Award"
Fantastic Four. They just cant stay seperated for too long.

"The R4 Sagat Cr.F. Award"
Defenders. Hulk, Surfer, Namor and Strange.

"The Cool As Ice Award"
New X-Force. Really feeling it.

"The OMG This Is A Waste of Paper Award"
Guardians of the Galaxy. Ummm Major Victory? Charlie-27 Errr.

"The This Team Has Had Too Many Members Award"
Exiles. Dear god. I cant think of any other team.

"The Best Team Leader Award"
Capt A. Natch.

"The Best Team Villain Award"
Doom or Red Skull. I am torn.


Fun topic.

"The Timeless Award"
I will go with the JLA. It’s the pantheon of gods, superhero style. All of the big archetypes in one team. We’ll just ignore the Detroit-era league… That was pre-pre-Crises, so it don’t count, right?

"The R4 Sagat Cr.F. Award"
The Authority. Apollo, the Doctor, Jenny, the Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, and Rose Tattoo are all powerhouses. Toss in Midnighter and the Swift for support, and that’s pretty much all she wrote. Oh yeah, and they got the Carrier, which moves downwake through the Devachanic Realm at a speed of twenty-five dreams per second. Whatever that means.

**“The Cool As Ice Award” **
The Ultimates. “You think this letter on my head stands for France?” 'Nuff said.

"The OMG This Is A Waste of Paper Award"
The Ultimates 3. By Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira. I feel like even talking about them is a waste of Internet space.

"The This Team Has Had Too Many Members Award"
It’s gotta be a toss-up between all the incarnations of the Avengers and the Justice League, right? Someone hardcore should tally up all the characters on the cover of Avengers/JLA #3.

"The Best Team Leader Award"
Cyclops. He IS the X-Men. Captain America’s deserving as well, but it’s been established that the Avengers can operate without him. The X-Men just aren’t the X-Men without Cyclops.

**“The Best Team Villain Award” **
Could be Magneto, the Injustice Gang, or even the Masters of Evil. But I think I will go with Deathstroke. You know why? Because it’s ALL SKILL, BABY. Nah, I’m just kidding. Doctor Doom all the way. Anyone else would be… UNTHINKABLE.

And, if you will indulge me, a couple more categories (probably mostly so I can namecheck my favorite comics):

"The Best Villain Team Award"
The Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad comic brought a level of depth to a bunch of villains who were (and probably still are) considered C-listers, or maybe B-listers at best. Deadshot and Captain Boomerang, among others, really shine.

"The Best Teen Superhero Team Award"
Runaways. The Teen Titans deserve much respect but I don’t think I’ve ever read any teen superhero book as fantastic as Runaways.

"The Most Bizarre Team Award"
Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol. Even just looking at one of the covers is enough to get you a little high. By the way, did you notice that the Doom Patrol and X-Men share a bunch of similarities? They both came out around the same time; I think maybe three months separated their debut issues. Both teams’ rosters are made up of outcasts, misfits, and freaks who fight to protect a world that hates and fears them. Both teams were founded by old dudes in wheelchairs. And Morrison revamped both books and allowed them to reach their full potential! Weird, huh?!

"The We Are Not Afraid of You and We Will Beat Your Ass Award"
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. They don’t SEEM too powerful on paper… I mean, when the team roster was a woman, an 80 year-old man, an invisible pervert, a poor man’s Hulk, and an Indian dude with a submarine, they still managed to defeat Fu Manchu and a Martian Invasion. Respect.

"The Most Subversive Superteam Concept Award"
This definitely goes to the Wildcats. They started out as a generic X-Men rip-off but eventually transformed into a superteam without a war. Then it became a superteam that wasn’t a team because they had no one to fight and all the members did their own things. And then the team sort of reformed, only now they tried to save the world by making batteries. I wish DC would let WildStorm fix itself. It’s a shame what’s happened to the Wildcats and Authority series.

"The Superteam That Made You Care"
X-Statix, baby! We laughed, we cried, we scratched our balls.


"The Timeless Award"
X-Men. Shrug, I’ve been reading them for years so they seem timeless to me…

"The R4 Sagat Cr.F. Award"
New Avengers. Even if they aren’t written that way for whatever reason. At one point they had Sentry and now they have Doctor Strange. They are never really written as strong as they are, which is kind of a good thing. Kind of… LOL they have Strange fighting Ninjas, he could get rid of them with 2 words… :rofl:

**“The Cool As Ice Award” **
Old school Challengers of the Unknown! All of them survived a major accident and can take daring risks because they are living on borrowed time! THEY ARE LIVING ON BORROWED TIME! That’s the greatest hook EVER! :rock:

"The OMG This Is A Waste of Paper Award"
I’m with Zeph with Ultimates 3. I do like the artwork but dang Loeb’s writing is terrible. Just getting it for the pretty pictures…

"The This Team Has Had Too Many Members Award"
X-Men in the 90s, probably today too. They had so many members they had to split it into 2 books. Nowadays they tend to have Wolverine on every team so it’s not as many as back then… :rofl:

"The Best Team Leader Award"
Robin / Nightwing on Teen Titans. He’s always been someone who generally cares about the members and wants everyone to get along, and is also very likeable. It’s what seperates him from Batman, who doesn’t give a rats(bats?) ass if you get along or if you like him, so long as you get the job done. Though after 52 Batman’s lightened up, somewhat… except for what I read in Outsiders oooh…

**“The Best Team Villain Award” **
Legion of Doom? Injustice Gang? Society of Evil? Villains United MAAAAN I don’t know what you call them but whenever you get Lex Luthor and the Joker in the same room that spells out a universal OH NOOOS and keeps Superman up at night! I wish Marvel did something like this but it seems that their baddies can’t play together long enough, the closest I can think of is the super-dooper villain team up during Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which is just an awesome game. Or the big villain team during Secret War 1. New Avengers has some of the Marvel villains teamed up under the Hood, AKA the Wrecking Crew and a bunch of B-Listers. Um, yeah… :rolleyes:

A shout our goes to Mr. Sinister and the Marauders because Inferno was my favorite X-Men storyline. Still, whenever DC groups all of their villains together it’s much more exciting to me. :smile:

Yeah, I took the last one to be “Team of Villains” and not just singular villain that fights against teams. There’s quite a few of those… Kang if I had to pick only one, his fights with the Avengers used to be freaking crazy… That whole Time Travel ordeal trumps what a lot of baddies do their enemies, even if I think there are better villains out there. Like Doom, Magneto, Sinister, etc.


Man, I thought for sure you were gonna say Huey, Dewey, and Louie. You disappointed me.

I think this is an interesting choice. The original New Avengers lineup was powerful, but I still couldn’t imagine them hanging with the JLA, JSA, or even Reed Richards’ brain. And the current lineup doesn’t have a single powerhouse beyond Dr. Strange.

"They were four men living on borrowed time. Time’s up."
That’s gotta be one of the best taglines ever.

I get the impression that you are a Dick Grayson fan. Someone should make a comic that combines Dick Grayson, Spider-Man, and Donald Duck. Would that own your soul or what?


LOL Huey Dewey and Louie are not a team because sometimes they are with Uncle Scrooge, sometimes they are with Donald Duck and sometimes they are with Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck. They need to go all Unaccompanied Minors before getting a team nod. Oh and get that kid from Everybody Hates Chris to chill with them too. :lol:

They do have the most broken plot device in all of comic books, THE JUNIOR WOODCHUCK GUIDEBOOK! Lol you haven’t seen anything on Duck Tales. That book can translate 10 or more languages, it’s origins date back to ancient Egypt and has all of the information from every great library around the world throughout history in it’s mighty pages. That book is no joke. Wolverine would still gut those kids though. :looney:

Yeah I picked New Avengers more for their underuse of super powered characters. JLA uses Superman, Martain Manhunter, etc. to their fullest extent, all of the time. Sentry says “Oh nos I can’t use my power I’m too strong oh nooos” and Doctor Strange… I don’t even know what the excuse for Doctor Strange is… Ah, after WWH it’s probably “I bwoke my wittle hands! I bwoke my wittle hands!” :rofl:

Still, even without all of that. Old school Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man back when he was a good guy - :wow: - on the same team man that’s all kinds of broken right there. Cap and Wolvie’s jobber aura ALONE is too much for anyone to mess with. :nunchuck:


This post has so much win! :rofl:


Damn. I thought this was going to be about creative teams in comics.


We can start one on that subject later. If I end up being too lazy, it’ll be up to you. You superhero team snob.


I think Cap gets Best Leader Award, since he’s lead ALOT of big hero moments like Infinite Gauntlet(kinda), Civil War, marvel zombies, secret wars, i’m sure there’s more but nothin to mind right now.