Comics through the mail?

i’m considering ordering a few trades through sites like Amazon, primarily due to the fact that they cannot be found in any shops around me.

i was just wondering if anyone had any comic/trade delivered through the mail, since i’ve never done so. do i have to worry about what shape they’ll be in when they arrive? are they handled alright?

my friend usually buys from chapters online
but they arent used, suppose it depends on the seller

chapters online eh? i’ve never used them. i’ll try to check them out too.

yeah, i guess i really have no control over how the mail-carriers handle them. they could be pristine…but if the delivery person is a mongoloid…

but i’m just trying to get an idea of whether it’s alright…or if people have any horror stories on it.

Midtown comics does it and they bag and board single issues. But you can probably find a place closer to you if you call around.

As far as recieving anything in the mail, find out if you can have things sent to your job, that’s definitly something that can help preserve the quality. And depending on where you work, sometimes people will be a bit more careful handling your stuff and ditto if you have a mailroom service at your job.

You can always get a P.O. Box at a Post Office too, they really take good care of things and stuff goes from Post Office to Post Office so you are really safe. IIRC it doesn’t cost too much to get one, you pay a flat rate for the entire year.

Where you live, if you have a mailbox with a lock and key you are probably alright, more or less.

ah cool. thanks Sano.

I’ve ordered tons of TRADES, BABY through Amazon and I’ve never had any problems. If any of my books had any dings or dents, it was never really noticeable. Covers aren’t gonna get torn and pages aren’t gonna get ripped or anything.

I also like Discount Comic Book Service.
Their search engine kinda sucks, but their prices are excellent. The one time I bought issues from them, they were shipped flat in a box with a bunch of TPBs. (I guess I don’t really care if my issues get bent out of shape as long as the pages don’t get ripped and the staples remain in place.) The TPBs I’ve gotten from them have always been in the condition I would expect them to be.

Damn, now I wanna go spend some money.

cool, thanks again for the suggestion.

and yeah, it is hard to refrain from splurging especially since there are all these deals online. should be good enough to get over any doubts i’ve had of mail delivered comics.