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Sounds like some retcon shit, some kind of retard wrote after people were complaining too much how shitty Superman’s disguise is.


It makes no sense no matter how you do it. He sits right next to an investigative reporter all day and spends his nights saving her. How she can’t put together who he is in like a week is beyond me. Well hey we scratch our heads over this and have no problem with an alien that looks just like us being able to fly. Go fig.


just finished the old man logan past lives mini-arc and i honestly got choked up.
the ending was so bittersweet considering how the original millar/mcniven mini-series wrapped up before.

damn, who’s been cutting up those onions?!


When Silver Surfer’s new girlfriend meets Alicia Masters:

I thoroughly recommend this comic book XDD


*I just finished reading the first trade of Harbinger Renegade. I’m not a fan of the art style or the writing of the first 2 issues but things picks up once Peter comes back into the picture. I’m cautiously optimistic about how the series will turn out.

I also just started reading Secret Empire and Luthor Strode. Luthor Strode is fucking legit and Secret Empire is a fun read. *


I tried out several of the “new” Valiant books a few years ago and just couldn’t get into them, despite the fact that I was a huge Valiant fan back in the original heroes era.

Currently reading Guardians of the Galaxy by Jim Valentino omnibus, Judge Dredd Complete Case Files vol. 7, and the deluxe Black Science hardcover, of which I’d read the first two thirds via tpb.


Fucking hell.

I managed to finish Junji Ito’s Gyo manga WITHOUT gagging.
It is very graphic, disturbing, terrifying and disgusting almost all at the same time while I was reading it.
The story would be something like HP Lovecraft, Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock all having a hand in writing it which is absolutely brilliant.
The art is almost like Jeoff Darrow mixed in with some HR Giger at times, soooo freaky!
Now I want to see the rest of his other work LOLOLOL


so hyped for secret empire.
just finished issue 5 and i am blown away by the reveal on who cap’s mole is in the avengers’ camp.
the few panels between hank mccoy and steve rogers was very well done.
the part where scott lang was sending a message to his daughter cassie was also very poignant since the situation was turning from bleak to worse for all of the heroes.
fave page was black panther dismissing tony stark. yet again lololol

last page gave me goosebumps with the stakes going up yet again.



So I am thinking, with the Pet Avengers being a thing.


And Marvel is owned by Disney.

Why haven’t the Pet Avengers did a cross over with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Yet?

If you don’t already know here is the Pet Avengers Roster

Lockjaw (from the Inhumans)
Red Wing (Falcon’s pet Falcon)
Hair Ball (Speed Ball’s Cat who have the same powers)
Lockheed (Shadow Cat’s Pet Dragon)
Zabu (Ka-Zar’s animal companion Sabertooth tiger)
Throg (literally he is a Frog Thor)
Ms. Lion (Aunt May’s dimwitted male dog, and the only one without super powers on the team)


That was a horrible read unfortunately. Had potential, just terribly executed. The art was cute and that’s it.


Maybe but the mini series had several other spin off mini series including Avengers vs Pet Avengers and Pet Avengers vs the Pets of Evil masters
It’s the kinda lame for kids stuff Marvel themselves never get right, but with Disney working the right angle it could be great.


What makes you come to that conclusion? I thought general consensus was that it was Ultimate Cap?


ultimate cap was purposely written out along with a majority of the ultimate universe roster save for miles morales and a few others iirc.
this happened in secret wars 2016 and it’s still unclear if this really is ultimate cap at all

i concur with rockb as this might be a side effect of the reality warping caused by the sentient cosmic cube, essentially trapping another steve rogers in a different reality.


The Spider-Ham comic was good stuff for kids back in the day. But when the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon used Spider-Ham it was really bad. No one working on it had ever read a Spider-Ham comic in their lives apparently. They had him living on a farm as a barnyard animal. Not what the comic was about at all.

This is essentially the problem. I don’t think Disney needs a Marvel property to exploit for kids. Because they take any material, dumb it down a lot - and I mean a loooooooooooot - and make it for kids anyway as a cartoon only they can enjoy.

Avengers Assemble for all intents and purposes is Pet Avengers pretty much.

I miss Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. :frowning:


Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus vol. 1 came out today. I highly recommend it, makes my list of the top ten modern Marvel runs/storylines.


RUMORS going around that Dan Slott may leave The Amazing Spider-Man with issue #800 and Nick Spencer will take over. I guess it took The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows outselling The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel to finally do something about Slott. If this is true anyway. And PLEASE be true.

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IDW’s Darkness Visible

Kinda some good shit there. Waiting on the 6th issue of the month to come out.


Looking to buy and start From Hell


My favorite Alan Moore book. The liner notes are great.


I just looked through some streams of old ass comic book animated tv shows, and stumbled upon Spider-Woman.
Now I dunno if my mind is playing tricks on me, but I used to read Spider-Woman as a kid, and I loved the series.
But I remember it as some disturbing psycho horror comic book, and that animated tv show was a just the same super hero look at the sky it’s “insert hero here” bullshit.

Do I remember that character and the series wrong?