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Read my first issue of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. I’m in love. Not only is it married Spidey but it is well written. And getting Gerry Conway as the writer? Niiiiiice.


It may depend on which character it is. You might be thinking about the Jessica Drew stuff, her book ran for a long time in the past with her mainly dealing with spy and other weird stuff while avoiding most connections she could have with Spider-Man on purpose to make her character and mark her own. Bendis gave the character a massive push with Avengers stuff and started a book but was never able to really… complete that project with his partner. Although I have no idea what the demand would have been for Jessica, her most recent book seemed to ok.

Julia Carpenter they threw out that noise and made her the typical gender counter part hero but based off the more popular Black costume, however I don’t think she ever had a long series. Mattie Franklin’s run in the late 90s or early 00s lasted over a year but I never really paid it mind. Those are the only three Spider-Woman books I can think of. If you are remembering something from before the 80s it is most definitely one of the earlier Jessica Drew’s run.


Picked up the TPB of Spidey Vol. 1. Looks like all kinds of light hearted fun.

I also grabbed DC Universe Rebirth Wonder Woman vol. 1-2. Just when I jumped on board for Rucka’s WW, he’s no longer the writer, having left with issue 25. Shea Fontana is writing the next 5-6 issues. WW #26 was a good read, so she’s off to a very good start.

Grabbed Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows vol. 1. This is SUCH a good book and I’m afraid Marvel is going to kill it because of the hate boner the company has for married Spidey. I never knew how much I wanted to see MJ with spider powers until I read this.

Also copped Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 1: Isn’t it Bromantic? Was questioning grabbing this one a while back and my Barns & Nobles had a buy 2 Marvel TPBs, get the third free so I took the plunge.

A pleasant surprise was seeing a book called Cage. This four issue mini was written and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky so I had to buy it.


I think The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows is safe for now. It’s currently outselling The Amazing Spider-Man, to the point where “supposedly” Slott is getting the boot after issue 800 and Nick Spencer will take over. Sure, Marvel has cancelled top selling books on a whim. Back in the the day hey cancelled Thunderstrike even though it was outselling Thor, solely because Marvel just wanted to have one Thor.

Yeah I think Marvel needs more top sellers right now before they go near RYV. I’m sure they will get rid of it at the first opportunity. Hopefully us fans never give it to them and keep supporting the book.

You’re gonna love Spider-Man/Deadpool. The Mephisto stuff is great.

Stuff I read - So I got the first Spider-Man/Deadpool issue after Joe Kelly’s run wrapped. Wasn’t really crazy about it. It was driving me nuts seeing Peter Parker with blue eyes when they are supposed to be brown. It was like a throwback to the days when women would do the coloring and gave every lead character blue eyes. I remember hearing a story about a comic about a Cowboy who was Asian, but the colorists kept giving him blue eyes anyway lol! That aside, the story spinning out of the first time Spider-Man fought Vulture was pretty cool and timely since Spider-Man Homecoming is in theaters now. But the premise of Spider-Man not wanting himself or Deadpool to crack jokes seems really forced and silly. Ah well, I’ll keep the run going to get the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Firebrand / Dormammu variant in August at least.

Venom was good stupid fun. Venom versus Marvel dinosaurs. Hilarious!

Tomorrow Berserk volume 38 and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Glory of Losers should arrive from for me. Hype about reading Berserk again! I don’t expect much from Glory of Losers other than just being a fan manga that gives us the Endless Waltz mechs in the original story and maybe updates the technology a bit. It’s funny seeing Heero using 3.5 density discs on computers in the old anime today when supposedly it takes place in the “future.” Reminds me of Strider on the NES where he went after floppy discs lol! Everybody just use holograms for anything that takes place in the future and stop messing around. :slight_smile:


What comic was this?


Sal Amendola was one of my professors in college and he relayed the story to us. If I recall correctly it was from back when he worked at DC. I don’t remember if it was a book he edited or drew, but he did say that he fought with the colorists about constantly coloring his eyes blue.


Turns out Ed Brubaker lived across the street from my friend up until a year ago. My friend got to go into his house and accidentally bought a box of Brubaker’s early work and original scripts/art/etc at the garage sale when Ed moved out. jaw drop

sooooo jealous


So I gave the X-Men titles a chance, but most of them are just not very good.

Might stick with Gold/Blue a little longer, along with Jean Grey, but I’m dropping the rest.


Yeah, gold and blue are the only ones that really matter at the moment. If a certain book isn’t tied to any major arc happening at the moment, don’t bother. Maybe I’ll check out Jean Grey; outside of gold+blue, it’s just old man Logan cuz you know character loyalty lololol


Read the newest issue of Batman before work this morning. An interlude to Joker vs Toddler story. Who knew the origin story to a nigga named Kiteman would be so damn sad

Edit: Riddler got changed to toddler…I’m leaving it as is lol.


A story about the Joker fighting a toddler sounds like it’d be pretty funny. I would totally wanna read that.


Conway is leaving The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows. Stegman will write the book from now on. Sucks, but Stegman did a great job co-writing the last two issues so hopefully it will be alright.


Im gonna peep the Garth Ennis punisher max run, gonna nab the first volume next weekend


Does anyone here collect Marvel Omnibuses?

I was thinking of getting the FF vol. 2 that has the introductions of Galactus,Surfer,BP.

Ive never read any FF comics but I’m interested in the above characters.

Also,What Avengers omnibus would you guys recommend?


The Garth Ennis Punisher MAX stuff is a modern classic. Great choice.

As far as Avengers omnibuses, P.Gabby mentioned it earlier in this thread, but the Avengers by Jonathan Hickman omnibus just came out recently. That’s definitely the one I’d immediately recommend without any reservations or qualifications. Hickman makes the Avengers epic - it’s their “Grant Morrison on JLA” type of run.

That second half of the Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four has got to be one of the best runs ever. It’s definitely historically significant. In a string of consecutive issues, they gave us the Inhumans, Galactus and the Silver Surfer, Black Panther, This Man, This Monster (maybe I got the order wrong, but you know)… All the stuff people are still strip mining today.

A good spot to buy omnibuses online is



they’re about to remove one of the most amazing abilities of Batman: PREP TIME
imo, the Dark Days lead-in to the Metal arc is compelling enough that I’ll roll with it and kudos to the creative team for trying something new.
my only peeve is the jumping back and forth between artwork in the The Forge and The Casting.
i get it that it’s THREE separate plot threads but some consistent art would be nice, preferably Jim Lee’s hehe
this is a little bit easier to follow than Cap’s Hydra turn but we’ll see how this goes…


I had Jason Aaron’s Wolverine omnibus but they never ended up releasing the second hardcover. I have some DC omnis which is basically the same size and I swore I’d never buy em again.

Hurt like a sum bitch to read. I have one of the last Sandman Omni’s that got released and I still haven’t read it just because of the size.

And am I the only person who thought Hickmans Avengers was a bit over hyped? I was strictly reading New Avengers which was fucking great till you had to start buying both books to get a complete story. Thought Infinity had cool moments but wasn’t a good event.

Quality really started falling off. And when they do the fast forward, did he ever say what the catalyst was? Avengers being full fledged SHIELD at the end?


Realistically no one should be able to do physically what Batman does day in and day out as long as he has. The consensus of most doctors agree a real life Batman could keep up with the physical demands for the job for maybe 3 years before his body gave out. Canon in thw comics Batman been Batman longer than most players have NFL careears. And that not counting injuries and trauma.

See how in the Dark Knight returns Nolan film Bruce Wayne went to the doctors for bad knees. And that is the least of his concerns.


That’s always annoying when they make a volume one and never get around to finishing off the series. Yeah… That’s the thing with omnibuses… It’s dope to have 'em on your shelf and it’s comforting to know that you’ve got a fat chunk of an entire run all in one place, but it ain’t like you can take those bad boys with you to read on the train or something. It’s work to lug them around. And the sheer weight of them can tire you out and distract you from the simple experience of reading. I need a table to read those.

For whatever it’s worth, I think the Hickman Avengers omnibus collects Avengers and New Avengers in the “intended” reading order. That’s not much comfort to you now, and I can understand not being pleased with what happened as it was being serialized. Those first six issues of Hickman’s New Avengers (the Epting issues) in particular were super outstanding, and then Infinity and happened and it’s like, Dang it, I gotta buy like thirteen extra comics now to make sense of this. I really liked both Avengers and New Avengers, though. Infinity is probably my favorite of Marvel’s event comics because Hickman built up to it really well, and it was part of an overall storyline, but I would agree that the way it was sold was a way to trick readers into buying more comics.

I suppose in a way, all of Hickman’s Marvel comics form a sort of coherent Hickmanverse. Fantastic Four/FF, Secret Warriors, SHIELD, Avengers/New Avengers, even Ultimate Hawkeye and The Ultimates. (Don’t remember if there’s anything else I’m forgetting.) One of these days I’m gonna have to go on a fat binge read of all his Marvel stuff in order.