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So ASM RYV will jump 8 years later under a new creative team. It will basically be MC2 Spider-Girl, but with the parents getting in on the battles. Huh. Not sure if they are trying to fix what isn’t broken or break what isn’t broken. Well they didn’t hire Chuck Austen to write it and Leifeld to draw it at least.


Slightly annoyed Parker Industries is gone & he’s back to using the old costume. I enjoy seeing characters grow and progress. Appeasing to nerd motherfuckers like that is probably why we’re stuck with Eddie Brock as Venom again.


lolololol fucking hell.

Secret Empire #9.

It’s almost equal parts amazing and unbelievably stupid.
Heck, I’m so entertained that I could forgive about how everything is suddenly rushing to the end.
Best bit:



Character growth and progress is always gonna have a limit when you’re reading corporate cape comics. It’s just part of the game.

But personally, I wasn’t a fan of the idea that Peter would have his own successful tech company.


That’s why I don’t read them anymore unless it’s by a great author and artist that take them for their own spin.
I don’t think there’s any story left that you specifically need Spider-Man for to tell it. The character has run its course and can die for all I care. The only reason he is still around is for brand recognition, and that’s not enough reason for me to care anymore.

The last couple of times I saw interesting shit with established characters was The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank, Fury MAX both by Garth Ennis and New X-Men by Grant Morrison.
Haven’t read comic books in a while, so if anyone could recommend great writers that did some gritty shit on mainstream comic books, I’m all ears.


My problem with Spider-Man being a millionaire is less about the end result but more in the way it was executed.

We’re talking about a kid who invented Web-Shooters when he was a teenager, something that no one in our world can build today. He also made a car that can drive up a wall, a silver Spider-Armor in Web of Spider-Man #50 that snugged his body that no one can build today which was so spectacular THE NEW ENFORCERS GOT SCRRRRED WERE NEVER SEEN AGAIN OH SNAP!!! Moving on…

If you want to make Spider-Man rich, there’s ways to do logically in the story. Patent any of these ideas and you’ll be set for live. I’m not sure it’s in character, because you know, “Wealth And Fame, He’s Ignored! Action Is, His Reward…” and so on. It still seems like a fun path a writer can explore for a time.

That’s not what happened. Doctor Octopus rode in his body, got his PHD for him and built up Parker Industries himself. As soon as Peter Parker regained control of his body, he started messing up, all of his employees told him he was a dumb ass, another tried to stab him in the back and the end result of all this was the main building collapsing.

So that’s the end of Parker Industries right? Nope. Right after that Secret Wars started. And then when Secret Wars ended WABAM!!! Guess what? He’s a bajillionaire!

That’s just horrible story telling right there. To me this is like the equivalent of watching an episode of Goof Troop that ends with Goofy oh I don’t know slipping on a banana peel or whatever and in the very next episode he has Uncle Scrooge’s Money Bin and is doing a great job of running McDuck Industries! WHAT THE…

To add salt on the wound, if you think Parker Industries got built up solely by Peter Parker’s efforts, in the last issue that came out Doctor Octopus straight up says that this was not the case, and Peter Parker agrees with him thus ending the debate in the book itself. Peter Parker is a dumb ass. There you go.

In comparison, I don’t recall any fans complaining when Peter Parker became a teacher during JMS run, or in the MC2 / Spider-Girl world where he became a forensic scientist. Because these are things that he gained through his own efforts that made sense for the character. I would have much less problems with the story if this is what happened. Sure, it’s comics. Eventually he’d fall from grace anyway. At least he would rise on his own efforts instead of having Otto ride shotgun to get him there.


Well seeing as how you seem to like Punisher I’d reccomend Greg Rucka’s run. Criminally short. Criminally underrated. One thing people never forgot about that run was that he had a beard & looked a helluva lot like Solid Snake.


Safe to assume you’ve read the Punisher MAX run that Ennis wrote, in addition to Welcome Back, Frank and the Marvel Knights run?

One my favorite writers is Warren Ellis. He don’t always do Marvel/DC stuff, but when he does, he produces great work. In terms of taking established characters and putting new spins on them, Ellis wrote a run on Thunderbolts that’s something I still pick up off my shelf regularly. Somewhat more recently, he also did six issues of Moon Knight that pretty much are the best Moon Knight comics.

Another great piece of work doing something new with something old is the Matt Fraction/David Aja/Annie Wu Hawkeye series.

If you’ve already copped those, I’ll try to think of some other cool stuff.


I picked up Spider-Man 2099 issues 23-24 only to find out Peter David’s run ended. I suppose I could just collect the trades though there is a four part Civil War II tie in I’m not excited about.

So Amazing Spider-Man RYV is gonna get a new creative team in issue #13 and a time skip? Ehhhh, I gotta say, I’m not really looking forward to that. I guess we’ll see where it goes.

I decided to pick up Dark Nights Metal #1. I could have gotten any of the variants but I liked the standard issue cover. Guess I’ll be sticking with this mini series.


Uncanny X-Force by Remender is what you seek.

Also New Avengers/Avengers by Hickman.


I second Uncanny X-Force. MAKE SURE its Remenders run. Hell I’d recommend Duggan & Posehn’s first Deadpool run. Really good stuff. And coming off of that x-force run its really good because Wade’s demeanor is more serious, but he’s still a goof


The only issue I had with Remender’s X-Force run is he doesn’t understand how time travel works in the Marvel universe, and he had two X-Men characters who should be well versed in it not understand it either. It’s basic alternate reality theory. See the new Star Trek movies. Or the Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks saga. Well, Bendis didn’t understand it either with Age of Ultron. Hickman got it though.

This is a really minor flaw though and it won’t come up until the very end of the run. Deadpool, Psylocke, Wolverine and Archangel were all amazing. Definitely worth reading.


What was your issue with how Remender handled time travel?

And I also fully support Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. That was a fantastic series.


Time travel stuff. Time to start drawing charts and argue about Future Trunks always having had light blue hair!

Uncanny X-Force Time Travel

[details=Spoiler]Psylocke wanted to kill herself to prevent her future self from becoming evil. As a member of Exiles she should already know there isn’t a definitive future and if there was, you can’t change it. If you see the actual 616 future (which almost no one sees), that’s it. Nothing you can do about it. Don’t know if anyone watched Agents of SHIELD but there’s an episode where Fitz explains this part.

This is all over the X books, so there’s no way Wolverine wouldn’t understand this. Kitty Pryde couldn’t change her future in Days of Future Past. Cable couldn’t change his future. Bishop neither. Either their actions create alternate realities and their time remains the same or they were always meant to travel to 616 and make it so 616 doesn’t turn out the way their world does (if you buy into time being an illusion and all time existing at the same time, From Hell is great at explaining this). Either way, you can’t save the future.

Psylocke killing herself would accomplish nothing. The world where she becomes evil would remain exactly as it is. With an evil Psylocke still being evil. That would only work in Back To The Future land (one self correcting timeline) which is easier for some people to understand but doesn’t make a lot of sense if you really stop and think about it.

…If anything I said makes sense? Lol time travel arguments will get you thrown out of comic con ha ha![/details]


Time traveling is very complicated stuff to really make sense of in any comic book, which they end up retconning most of the time.

Flashpoint is always a good reference of how to approach alternate realities and time travel. Geoff Johns came pretty close to making a consistent and logical structure of how it should work in theory.

Marvel and it’s writing teams have yet to make a really good one with all of their time hopping characters imo


Flashpoint doesn’t make sense at all. Barry saving his mother’s life should have absolutely no effect on anything that happened before his mother died, like where Superman landed or having Bruce Wayne killed instead of his parents. It was basically an excuse for Johns, DiDio, Lee and crew to do whatever they wanted with the New 52. Julie Schwartz was turning over in his grave I’m sure.

If messing with time had that kind of ripple effect you might as well have had everyone in America riding dinosaurs and speaking Chinese. It’s just way too obvious when the only things you change are things to sell titles.


I would read the hell out of that.


I don’t think I agree that there’s a hard science to time travel in the Marvel Universe that every writer must adhere to. The main thing is that it has to make internal sense within the story. Maybe killing herself wouldn’t have solved anything, but I think the idea from Psylocke’s point of view was that she didn’t want to become Revanche or whatever evil version of herself she was. She probably didn’t care about all of the alternate versions of herself out there in the multiverse - she only cared about herself.

Flashpoint, on the other hand, makes no sense and is a pretty shoddy piece of work, even for an event comic.

But I wholeheartedly agree that I would read a DC Universe where everyone in America rode dinosaurs and spoke Chinese.

One Marvel comic that did an awesome job with time travel that went beyond the typical Days of Future Past contrivances was Secret Avengers #20. Warren Ellis and Alex Maleev do one of the greatest Black Widow stories ever. The Secret Avengers get killed during a mission and she has to set things right. Probably the most clever use of time travel I can think of.


Good point overall. Science aside, the beat just didn’t make sense or ring true to me with the characters the author was using. When I talked about this in the old Marvel Comics forum way back when, I made a similar justification as you did in my head to reconcile with the character’s history. Since you hardly ever see letters pages or No-Prizes there’s not much you can do with any of that these days. If the author worded things better that would solve the entire thing for me. Sometimes it blows and sometimes it’s great that editors don’t really check things like that anymore, or do anything at all other than make sure the books arrive on the shelves in time.

Overall I don’t think that’s something Psylocke would kill herself over in the first place. That felt out of character. I guess ultimately she didn’t, so there’s that.

Last week’s Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variant covers!

Best read for me was the Generations The Mighty Thor book. For spoiler reasons -



The two Thors traveled to the past and met an ancient Apocalypse from Egypt! OG boss from X-Men vs. Street Fighter and MSH vs. SF REPRESENT!


How ass raped did Apocalypse get? One Thor would destroy him, but two? Dude probably needs a few ten thousand years to even recover.