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Jane Thor was the only time traveler and this all took place before the original Thor got Mjolnir. Apocalypse still lost but his ass was raped a lot worse by Fox Studios in X-Men Apocalpyse.


whats funnier is this is from the 80s? this is wayyyy before bdsm was even a thing. lmfao. shit was super underground back then,that writer was a freak.


hoo, boy…

Secret Empire # 10

I am disappoint… T_T


Selling books aside, it made sense to me in a way that I realized it wasn’t a self-correcting timeline like that of Back to the Future.
Flashpoint is a solid read from start to finish and it managed to be a real comic book event at the time imo


Last of the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variants. This pic is super late because a nasty Summer cold was beating me up for the last two weeks. All better now. Read comics. They’re good for your health! Lol!

Best read of the three was the Thanos book because it was pretty much him kicking everyone’s ass for the entire story. He was on some mental discovery journey and beat up a lot of Marvel heroes in his mind too. Fun!

Shout out to the Black Panther book because Storm was in it. I don’t read any X-Men comics these days so haven’t seen her in a long time.

It was fun buying all these variants since I like to collect Capcom stuff. It reminded me of back in the day when I used to buy 7 books a week. Those days are long gone because comics cost too much money and everything else in life costs too much money. I’m not happy with a lot of current comics but I might just be getting into the old guy who hates everything. “WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE WE ONLY HAD ONE SPIDER-MAN…” Well anyway, I enjoyed most of the books I read but I liked the action packed ones more than the ones filled with tons of dialog that were trying to be like Bendis but lacked his flair for dialog. I hate on current overworked Bendis a lot, but I always enjoyed the way his characters spoke. Well, except for when he tried to make Rocket Raccoon’s catch phrase “Blam! Murdered you!” Yeah, that was just bad. At least he let Guardians of the Galaxy go and the book is in much better hands now.

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Seeley’s Nightwing run and I’m going to pick up the first TPB when I get around to it. I didn’t even know Nightwing had a kid. Definitely want to see what that’s about.


I can’t be fucked to buy monthly issues anymore.
If anything good comes out, wake me up when the paperback releases.


This is how I am. I don’t buy single issues. I buy tpb, hard covers and compendiums.


The ads in monthly issues are just ugly. Like I wanna get away from reality when I read a book or comic book, and then suddenly I’m faced with shitty advertisements. Fuck that!


…Time to order more paperbacks of Transmetropolitan. Put myself on a haitus after the 4th volume.

This goddamn story holds up too fucking well, especially with today’s political climate.


The only single issues I buy fresh off the racks are whatever join Brubaker and Phillips are making. Right now, that’s Kill or Be Killed, from Image. It’s got more than your typical 20 pages of story, and the only ads in the comic are ads for their own books (and they’re always placed at the very end of the issue, so they don’t disrupt the flow of the story). Plus, there’s always an editorial from Bru, a letters page, and an essay about an old noir story. So it’s definitely something that I feel is worth the cover price, and it takes more than 5 minutes to read, too.

But yeah, I ain’t paying 4 bucks for your basic Marvel/DC comic. That ain’t worth it, for all the reasons you guys mentioned.

I was just reading through my Gotham by Midnight issues a few days ago. (I found them all in quarter bins, months/years after the fact.) It’s a true gem of the New 52 era, but there was this one issue where they broke up a page by having the top half of the page contain the panels, and the bottom half of the page had an advertisement for Twix or something. What is that junk? The page directly opposite did the exact same thing. That’s not cool. There was no reason to break up a page like that. I saw no storytelling purpose to it. It just made me angry.

I’m still waiting for Absolute Transmet volume 3. I don’t think it’s been announced yet but it’d be a pretty messed up thing for DC to not release it. One of the best deals I ever found was when I bought the set of all the paperbacks for 20 bucks from some guy on Craigslist. What a great series. Definitely one of Ellis’ best works, and probably my favorite Robertson comics, too. Pretty forward thinking for its time… Science fiction and socio-political commentary that was created twenty years ago but still feels relevant and fresh today.


Need to get back around to reading this. Have the first three volumes of the TPB, but only read the first.


Transmetropolitan was craaaaaazy good. But then again I love Warren Ellis. I wish he’d finish Fell and that he could finish newuniversal. :sad: Planetary reads better slowly than in a TPB, imho.

It turns out my friend did get a bunch of boxes of Brubaker’s stuff at the garage sale. He gave me a box since he knows I’m a huge fan. It was Ed’s TBP copies of various of his works (including <3 Sleeper <3 ), variant cover single issues, etc. Best present of the year.


Ellis is on point right now with Trees and Injection…especially Injection.


The Dark Nights event is holding my attention right now and even with the very weak tie-ins, is still a solid read.
It’s interesting to see how they started rolling in some of the older characters [Dr. Fate, Plasticman] and I’m looking forward to some surprises along the way.
Hawkman is obviously returning, there’s even a one-shot for him down the line but I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve actually read it.

I’m also hyped for Doomsday Clock.
Damn, the ashcan preview gave me genuine chills especially when a specific character shows up out of nowhere.
November can’t come soon enough.


I’m dipping my toe into Rebirth…we will see how it goes.


Saturday is Halloween Comic Fest so if you are near a participating comic book store walk in and get some FREE comics!


I bought the Wonder Woman: Rebirth hardcover by Rucka recently. I’ll read it soon. It was probably the one that interested me the most. I’m kinda curious about Deathstroke because it’s by Priest. And I heard good things about Batman by Tom King. I’ve read some of his other comics, and those were good.


Big news today. Bendis just signed a multiyear exclusivity deal with DC. I didn’t see that coming.


Yeah and Disney might buy Fox’s movie division, the other big news story from yesterday. I know some people start the Christmas celebrations right after Halloween but geez! :lol:


Nobody did. My reaction?


No doubt he made some great contributions, but he ruined X-Men for me. It’s like dude was incapable of writing anything decent outside of Miles and Jessica.