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Speedy write up on Bendis leaving Marvel for DC by George Berryman on Spider-Man Crawlspace. I don’t agree with everything George said since I liked his early Avengers work (granted, I wasn’t reading Avengers prior) and early Ultimate Spider-Man but I more or less agree with the sentiment.


I just read your Spider-Man Crawlspace link. I can understand not liking Bendis’ work, but I just can’t get behind that sentiment. Ultimate Spider-Man is the definitive Spider-Man series of our generation. I don’t agree that it was unnecessary because look at what Marvel had been doing with the character before Ultimate Spider-Man came about! The titles were still reeling from the Clone Saga and the MJ fiasco. They had the likes of Howard Mackie and John Byrne writing Spidey for cryin’ out loud! Not to say that there haven’t been any good Spidey books other than Ultimate (Paul Jenkins, in particular, had a great run), but out of the writers of the ‘90s and 2000s to leave their mark on the character, Bendis certainly has to be up there in terms of best writers. I can’t understand why anyone who’s a fan of Spider-Man would hate on Ultimate Spider-Man. At least the Crawlspace guy is man enough to respect and/or acknowledge Bendis’ contributions without degenerating into insults. I don’t even like Mark Bagley’s art, but I freely acknowledge him as the definitive Spider-Man artist of our generation, too - thanks to his lengthy runs on Amazing in the '90s and then Ultimate Spider-Man, along with all the lunchboxes and crap we’ve seen his art on.

Bendis obviously made a deep impact across the entirety of the Marvel U for at least a solid 15 years, if not more. I’m not big into a lot of the comics he’s done in the past five or six years, but I never thought they were particularly horrible or anything, just bland and forgettable. But then, so are a ton of Big Two superhero comics in general. The man gave us some genuine all-time Marvel classics - Daredevil, Alias, Ultimate Spider-Man (I’m including both the Peter Parker and Miles Morales eras here) - and that’s more than we can say about most writers.


Bendis jumping ship might have been in the pipeline for months, maybe even a year or so and he kept it very low key.
It’s unfortunate that his last major contribution was Civil War II.
Arguably, that was pretty much phoned-in and in retrospect, seems to me that he just wanted to get it over with as part of his obligations to Marvel.

Looking forward to what he has in store for DC down the line, they are pretty much beating Marvel atm.


No one is knocking Bendis for all of his contributions but in recent years he has done a lot of irreparable damage. Part of it was that he was stretched to thin and used for movies, TV shows and video games.

Another thing is Marvel’s whole SJW agenda and manufactured diversity which they took way too far. I don’t know how much Bendis is responsible for, and as delicately as I can put this without insulting people of different sexual orientations, using something from Chuck sucks Austin’s run to make Iceman homosexual is one of those things we can’t even come back from without angering somebody.

At the end of the day I feel it’s really time for him to go. When you actually think that Rocket Raccoon’s new catch phrase should be “Blam! Murdered you,” I think that is when you have to wake up and say “Door slam! Leaving you,” to go to some other company where you have enough time to freaking sleep. Because the massive workload was obviously having a negative effect on his books.

I’ll always vouch for his use of dialog. Especially early on. He had a way of making you forget that you were reading a comic book. Stuff like Norman Osborn telling Sentry that Five Guys made the best burgers or finding out that Silver Samurai was a Lindsay Lohan fan. The Cabal issue where Doctor Doom talked trash during their evil villain board room type meeting was one of the funniest things EVER! Obviously paraphrasing -

“White Queen don’t even try to read my mind bitch!”

“Look out here comes a god whoopdy freaking doo!” - Female Loki appears.

“Oh snap Namor just walked in what up homey!”

Norman Osborn: “I’m going to leave the room now. Whatever you do do not talk about stabbing me in the back.”

Doom: (One second after Norman leaves). “Okay Norman how can we backstab this Norman foo?”

I LOVED stuff like that! If DC can get this less burned out Bendis that we haven’t seen for a loooooooooooooooooong time I think it will be a good thing for everybody.

Hey any of you guys read about what went down with Marvel at the retailer’s panel at NYCC? God I wish this was open to the public. It really puts a spotlight on Marvel’s current SJW and manufactured diversity agenda. I don’t think it was all bad, but they took it way too far. Even Marvel Legacy issue 1 was supposed to bring things back to how they were and you had to sit through a lot of female Thor, female Iron Man, African American Captain America and Latino Ghost Rider (which I don’t mind, because I’m Latino lol but still) to even get to blankety blank spoiler coming back to life. Marvel’s in a very strange place right now. Probably a good time for Bendis to jump ship.


Another thing that’s weird is that outside of the two tweets, there don’t seem to have been any interviews with the parties involved yet. Not sure why.

How can you say Bendis has done irreparable damage? We’re talking about corporate cape comics here. Has he really done anything that can’t be repaired? Marvel’s done stories where Spider-Man had clones, Professor Xavier and Magneto merged into a gigantic suit of armor, the Punisher underwent plastic surgery to go undercover as an African American man, Captain America turned into a werewolf, Carol Danvers was impregnated by her own son from the future, Iron Man became a teenager… Don’t forget about the story where it was revealed that a young Peter Parker was sexually assaulted by an older boy named Skip. Your dude Chuck Austen =) once wrote a story where an anti-mutant extremist group plotted to install a brainwashed Nightcrawler as the new Catholic pope so he could plant special communion wafers that would cause people to explode after eating them. I don’t remember exactly if that came before or after the Austen story where he wrote an X-Men homage to Romeo and Juliet that culminated with Archangel and Husk literally having sex in front of her mom.

It’s never as bad as you think, Sano. It’s never as bad as you think. If Marvel can heal from that, they can heal from Rocket Raccoon saying, “Blam! Murdered you.”

Tucker Stone probably had the best commentary on the Bendis news:

I read the reports about the retailer meeting at NYCC. Definitely paints those retailers in a negative light.

I’m not too bothered by the fact that Thor is a woman, Captain America is African American, Ghost Rider is Latino, etc. The only one of those series I’ve been reading on a semi-regular basis is Jason Aaron’s Thor and solely judging it based on the comic itself, I couldn’t tell you if Marvel editorialship pushed Aaron to make Thor a woman. In fact, I’d probably guess that it was his own idea because if you’ve been reading his run from the start, there’s always been a purpose and thematic reason for his storytelling decisions.

I’m not sure if changing the identities of so many of Marvel’s flagship characters really has had such a direct negative impact on sales. It sounds to me that these retailers really just don’t like diversity as a principle. Granted, I’m sure most of the reporters/bloggers who reported on the incident are on the liberal side and didn’t shy away from portraying the retailers as, well, conservative jerks.


:lol: Good points. It’s always fun talking to you. :slight_smile:


I want to jump onto Batman Metal but man i drag my feet on them then end up watching a youtube Let’s Read anyway. Either way plenty of good comics coming out that’s for sure!


@Sano I looked at that Retailer-Only news bit from NYCC and saw this blurb.

I think I said to the comic store owner in my area last year that out of everyone who was in the first Avengers film, only Black Widow is still the sole owner of her best-known identity. Marvel’s rebranding of classic characters, especially well-known ones, just went out of control in the last 2-3 years until it got to that point. It’s one thing to do it every now and again or even once or twice per year, but Marvel basically recast all of the main players of their MCU in their comic line at a time where the MCU was the most visible it had ever been. Steve Rogers secretly being a white supremacist certainly doesn’t help dispel the concerns of that retailer who pointed that out. I showed my friend Black Panther and the Crew and he was shocked that such a mediocre book could have such great reviews when the premise was trying to find out who foiled Harlem having its own superhero team to “Keep out the white people” when Storm had spent most of her documented career fighting for equality for all men and women against the very notion of segregation and discrimination.


It’s already midway in the story but I would still suggest that you try and catch up right now as there are still some books to come out.
You don’t really need to bother with all of the tie-ins if you don’t want to as the main books are very streamlined plot-wise, just saying.

Dark Nights Metal is pretty cool imo, looking forward to seeing Hawkman’s comeback at the end of it all.


I think Marvel likes doing things like this because it hits the papers, people tweet about it and it turns into sales, at least for a little while. Perhaps it’s coming from a good place. There are people who want to see themselves represented in all forms of media.

This is the problem though. Take Iron Man’s current book. It really should be called Iron Heart. The main character is called Iron Heart. Not Iron Man. So you should call the title Iron Heart. Right?

If you call the book Iron Heart at $3.99 a book no one is going to buy it. They are going to go for the name they are familiar with. Some people will buy issue #1 because there are still idiots out there who think it will be worth any money in ten years. Um, no it will not. Either way by issue 2 they will be gone.

Hypothetically let’s say you take a chance and buy Iron Heart issue 1 at $3.99. Have you, seen Marvel’s first issue of any series lately? Currently Marvel writes for trades, not comic books even though their comic book sales are still more important. Their business model is still not at the level where TPBs or digital title are more important. Now that may happen some day, but neither Marvel or DC are there yet. They need people in comic book stores.

Let’s say they were making a comic book version of Snow White. Issue 1 would end after the evil queen marries Snow White’s father and says “Oooh I hate that Snow White!” TO BE CONTINUED! So you just spent $3.99 and you don’t even have a full story! You have to get at least two more issues to decide if you even like Snow White’s story! So you’ve just spent 12 dollars to figure out if you even like the book. Who has that kind of money?

It’s an interesting dilemma. I wonder if they’ll find a way out of it or just keep doing what they’re doing.




*Re: Diversifying Marvel.

It’s lame and lazy. “Diversifying” stalwart characters so that the Marvel brand can stay progressive in the eyes of the public and top brass, has been handled piss poorly. The high ups are afraid of putting out new runs with new hero’s because they’re afraid they won’t get the buy rates that their evergreen titles receive. However by employing the trojan horse method of selling readers on diversifying hero representation they’ve alienated a large part of their userbase and hampered themselves much more than help. The knock isn’t about diversifying superheros, I think the majority of people are more than fine with it, it’s about how they’ve gone about diversifying.

Take a character like Miles Morales. I don’t give a fuck if he was spiderman, spiderboy, the bronx crusader or any other moniker, it wouldn’t make a difference because the character is written extremely well. His books would be successful with good readership as long as the writing would be just as strong. Similarly Amadeus Cho is a really interesting character who stands on his own before getting his hulk gimmick. Even if Marvel was worried about introducing brand new characters with certain defining traits, they could easily dig into their rich history and highlight pre-existing characters who get their own mini runs. *


The first episode of Robert Kirkman’s The Secret History of Comics is really good. It was about Marvel comics and I was surprised they went into the whole Stan Lee and Jack Kirby beef as much as they did. The Wonder Woman episode is tonight on AMC if anyone wants to check it out.

Recent stuff I read.

The Tekken series from Titan - This is supposed to be a prequel story to Tekken 7, but it’s written in such a way that if it officially happens or doesn’t it doesn’t really matter. It’s still a lot of fun. The artwork is really good, not Studio Udon pretty but serviceable. The ending definitely goes into weirdo Tekken territory, because Tekken is actually really weird at times. In a good way though. I really enjoyed it. It wrapped with 4 issues and there should be a TPB soon.

Robotech - The first arc wrapped and it vastly improved since the first issue. There’s new SciFi elements interwoven in the classic story to make it feel fresh and new. There’s a lot of interesting things done with the characters that I won’t spoil. Roy Fokker is still written out of character for me, but hopefully now that he’s reunited with Rick he’ll stop being the guy who’s worried about Rick all day and become the devil may care Roy I would rather see. I think it’s a good modern mecha update like Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin and Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Glory of The Losers are. Only thing, those last two have good art. Robotech’s artwork is atrocious to me. The covers are nice but the interior is fugly. Ah well. Simon Furman will co-write next month so let’s see what happens.

Infini-T Force - If you don’t know what this is about, it’s basically Tatsunoko trying to pull an Avengers movie with getting all of the heroes together. Gatchaman’s Ken The Eagle, Hurrican Polymar, Tekkaman and Casshan. You can watch the anime LEGALLY AND FOR FREE on either or Tubi. Tubi has a PS4 app also so you can watch it on your TV too if you have a PS4.

Anyway, the story in the manga is different. I like them both but I give a slight edge to the manga. Because the writer seems extremely aware that a lot of people did not grow up watching the original shows and are more familiar with some of the reboots and remakes. There was a nod to Gatchaman Crowds and even had stuff from Casshan Sins, even if it is primarily set in the world of the original Casshan. And even if you don’t know anything about the characters there are still things you can identify with that will bring you in. Ken and Hurricane Polymar have a good Superman vs. Batman beef. even though I have never seen a Hurricane Polymar anime in my life (the 90s OVA has been sitting in my Amazon cart FOREVER YIKES…) I was still able to enjoy the fight because of my familiarity with Superman and Batman.

These are all touches that are absent from the anime. The anime is extremely bare bones with anything regarding the heroes and focuses more on Emi, the female protagonist. Who is also extremely different in the anime then she is in the manga. Going out on a limb here, I think the manga is aware that people who are more familiar with the characters are reading the manga and more people who know next to nothing about the characters are watching the anime. At least it seems like this is how they are approaching both works.

The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows - Stegman the artist actually did a good job of stepping in as the writer. Next time we’ll have a new writer and a time skip. I wonder how that will work out.

Venom - UGH, Venom is back to calling the Symbiote “Honey” and “My love.” Barf! Otherwise it’s cool. Loved seeing Stegron vs. Eddie and Kraven vs. Eddie. I’m hoping Eddie hooks up with Liz to curb some of his Sym-Bromance, yuck! Undecided if I will stick with it during the ASM crossover, since they are making you buy ASM issues to get the full story. Maybe I’ll just stick to reading the Venom issues and see how that goes.

Here’s my haul from Halloween Comic Fest! My favorite read was the Hellboy issue. Two stories that really fit the spirit of the Holiday.


Someone will be stalked, by something like a giant, predatory bird.

“If A couldn’t defeat X, what hope have we?”

I love Furman, but he is his own trope.


Better to fight and die rather than live with the knowledge that I ran?

but seriously , IT IS OVER --FINISHED!!


invincible…horrible ending arc…


I got off that train a long time ago. Didn’t seem like he really knew where he wanted to go with it. :sad:


The Tekken comic was complete garbage. It’s staggering how the Tekken franchise for all of its history and global appeal can’t get their act together to produce any kind of worthwhile outside story media whether it be in comics, manga, anime, CGI films or live action.

In that respect, Street Fighter has an edge over them in that regard.


That one Tekken Anime OVA that came out many years back, only worth watching if you like bad cheesy 90s OVAs.


I’m strangely getting more excited for DC Bendis by the day.

I’ve been re-reading Walking Dead from the beginning before I start in on the 14th hardcover. It’s been very interesting to go back to the early days and really watch how all of the characters track.

I’ve bought too many books recently. Yesterday picked up Knightfall omnibus vol. 2, Batman and Robin by Tomasi omnibus, and that giant fucking Akira hardcover box set.