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Man, I’m super tempted for that Akira hardcover box set. I should have pounced on it when it was on sale on Amazon during its first week… I regret that…

More big Marvel news. Axel Alonso is out. C.B. Cebulski is the new editor in chief. Wow. Stuff is happening.


I like that Marvel has restored the original numbers of their comics. Constant relaunches annoy me.

I’ve been like Peter Park: The Spectacular Spider-Man. Not as much as Renew Your Vows but I feel it has been worth my money. I’m staying away from Amazing until Slott disappears.

I picked up Captain America #695 which is now being written by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. I’ve never read any of Waid’s previous work on Captain American but I love what he did on The Flash so I’m more than willing to give this a go

I’ve been digging the Superman books. More so Superman than Action Comics. I’m glad Mr. OZ didn’t turn out to be who most initially thought he was but it plays into the whole tampering of the DC universe.


I met C.B Cebulski at a convention before. He helped facilitate a Japanese artisr who worked on a book Cebulski was doing make me a sketch of Dante from the Devil May Cry anime. Cebulski was super nice to me and he’s fluent in Japanese. Every other time I’ve seen him he’s been really chill. I wish him the best

A lot of stuff happened under Axel but I seriously doubt that Renew Your Vows written by Slott would’ve happened without him. No way would the book exist under Joe Quesada and before Slott said he would never write a married Spider-Man again, until he did a 360 when he was handed the book. And it lead to the best thing ever which was Conway and Stegman on the title. I don’t have definitive proof that this was an Axel Alonso thing other than rumors or what have you, but I’ll at least pretend it was and wish him well in his endeavors.

Big up for getting Remender into Marvel because we got his X-Force run out of it. At least that’s one thing I can confirm Axel did, since Remender tweeted it himself.


I’m loving it. I got on board when Image did their 25c issues, year or so ago. Guy at my local shop got me the issues leading up to it. Kinda sad it took me that long to read it, at the same time I heard the complaints about it so I’m happy I got on where I did. My only complaint on Invincible is that it seems like you open a book, turn 4-5 pages and its over. Sooooo many full page spreads. They look fantastic mind you, but still.


His run on Captain America volume.3 is really good.


Nobuhiro Watsuki the author of Rurouni Kenshin was arrested for child pornography possession!

Wow. That’s my favorite manga. My internet name Sano even comes from it. Some people even call me Sano in real life.

I never got the impression he was into that kind of thing by reading his work. He never highlighted lolis as much as other artists have. If you told me pretty much anyone working on any Dengeki Bunko visual novel was into that stuff I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

On the one hand he’s not actually doing anything but he’s funding the people that do so it’s still really bad.

…One Piece is awesome so is it too late to change my internet name to Roronoa Zoro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah I’m not changing anything. Just gotta separate the art from the artist sometimes. Especially these days. Tomorrow they’ll find out that Mister Rogers went around raping kittens I swear.


that is damn, fucking shame. rurouni kenshin was a big part of my younger years, my high school self would be crying right now. T_T


FWIW I thought the latest Kurt Busiek Astro City storyline (G Dog) was pretty damned good. Don’t want to spoil it: check it out if you like Kurt or Astro City.


I’m not saying you can’t still enjoy Rurouni Kenshin anymore, but “he’s not actually doing anything” isn’t really accurate… :s


Walking Dead re-read is progressing along. I got to that one iconic death around issue 100 and both a) cried like a baby again, and b) forced myself not to actually look at the panels.

I still think it’s the only real misstep Kirkman made with the comics. It didn’t make sense because obviously he loved and had grand plans for Negan, but Negan killing ***** at the outset makes him completely irredeemable to the reader.

Also on a general note, what’s funny about Walking Dead is that I would never list it when talking top 10 comics of all time, my favorite comics ever, etc, and yet it is unique among books I buy in that the newest trade always goes to the top of the reading queue no matter what. I don’t really do that with any other book.


That really surprising, considering I once meet his wife. She was really nice too.


Issue 13 of The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows was great. Even with the 8 year time skip and a new writer it still felt like the same book. The artwork was pretty good but not as good as Stegman’s pencils. He’s still doing the covers though so it’s cool.


he is rushing trough stuff now with nonsense decision/plot twist just for him to have no lose ends and tie everything together.
story wise its just not good at the moment…as if he wants people not to like it anymore so that they dont ask him to bring it back later on…


Doomsday Clock # 1 is a doozy.

So much stuff crammed in the panels and dialogue, it’s almost sacrilege that Johns and Frank are emulating the Watchmen books on so many levels.
Unexpected characters also show up, also based on some Charlton characters (Watchmen characters also originated from some Charlton characters)
Biggest reveal so far is my favorite:


The Rorschach in this story is clearly African-American and Walter Kovacs really died, which begs the question: WTF?

Looking forward to how this turns out.
I am just floored by the scope of the plot and the artwork, I had goosebumps reading it.


HI guys,

I recently watched the Punisher Netflix show and I LOVED it.
I’ve never read a Punisher comic.
I see a Garth Ennis Punisher omnibus
Is it considered a good read and a good intro to the Punisher?



Yeah you can’t really go wrong with Ennis. Hefty price for that omnibus but if you can swing it I guess go for it.


I used the wrong link.
Either instock or cgn have it for like 58 shipped


Yeah that’s a bit more reasonable. $89 is a lot to try out a new author right out of the gate. You can always go for smaller TPBs of Ennis’ work to test the waters. I don’t recall ever hearing anything bad about Ennis’ Punisher though. I haven’t read all of his Punisher work myself but what I came across was really good, very gritty. If you liked the Netflix show you’re in for a treat.


That’s Ennis’ Marvel Knights run, which is very good, but not as good as his second Punisher run under the MAX imprint. The Marvel Knights run is a black comedy that also takes the piss out of superheroes in general. It’s in the same vein as some of Ennis’ other superhero comics like Hitman. I enjoyed it - it’s laugh out loud funny at points - and there are some pretty memorable moments and stories in that run, but I think the MAX run he wrote is what most of us generally regard as the definitive Punisher. The tone of the Marvel Knights series tends to be intentionally over-the-top in terms of absurdity… Like, there’s an issue where Punisher fights Wolverine and beats him by getting a small army of midgets to run over Logan with a literal steamroller. If that sounds right up your alley, then yeah, you’re gonna enjoy the run.

But if you want a more serious, grounded depiction of the Punisher, check out the MAX run. It’s heavy content, but that’s what makes it one of the best Marvels. I believe an omnibus of the first half of the MAX run is going to come out in the first half of 2018, but if you can’t wait, you can get the TPBs:


Oh since I’m here just as a heads up Grant Morrison is going to be on Late Night with Seth Myers tonight on NBC. Basically DVR it tonight and tomorrow fast forward to the Morrison interview. Lol!