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I finally caught up with the IDW Transformers trades. The Revolution Crossover is hilarious.


MASK is a division of the Joes in that continuity as I understand.

Their vehicles are based on Cybertronian tech.


Can we please talk about this panel from last wednesday’s venom inc. part 2?



Man, can’t believe Invincible is finally ending. It was a very entertaining book.

The Transformers - Till All Are One Annual 2017 was pretty good, way to turn things around. [details=Spoiler]You knew Starscream couldn’t be free of repercussions forever, but this was totally unexpected; His downfall felt natural, Windblade’s rise to power is interesting.[/details]

For those who are interested, Comic Calvade is holding a limited-time sale on Boundless comics: Lady Death, War Goddess, Ravenous, Hellina. When Chaos Comics was terminated, Brian Pullido kept the IP of Lady Death and wrote some stores for Avatar Press. Just some years ago, Boundless remastered these books from Avatar Comics. But because Comixology deleted some of the more 18+ stuff like Hellina from their store, Boundless is holding a sale, you can get comics for as little as $.050. If you like stories about medieval supernatural shit taking place in the underworld, check out Lady Death. And Unholy. And Hellina.


I read the second-to-last issue of Invincible at the shop the other day even though I’ve never read Invincible…


Marvel Comics REALLY had a bad year.


Yep.they need to stop shoving out multiple events and pushing the sjw agenda,just focus on solid coherent story telling


Very unfortunate for the comics division. Worst part was Bendis leaving but man, Spider-Men II was awesome! The last few pages really gave me goosebumps.

Marvel Legacy is churning out some great stories so I hope 2018 will be better for Marvel Comics going forward.


the only thing that bothers me from that is Jim Starling leaving. How are they gonna do that to Thanos’ creator? I wanted more from his stories.


That was a great recap for posterity. So much turmoil and controversy within the House of Ideas in 2017. And obviously, DC beat them in terms of sales and probably in the public eye, as well. I can’t think of too much controversy in DC’s comics division other than that scumbag Eddie Berganza and the whole Doomsday Clock garbage. (And let’s be honest: I don’t think most fans care enough about creators’ rights in order to view Doomsday Clock as any sort of controversial thing.) Is there anything else I’m forgetting?


That double date between Batman, Catwoman, Superman and Lois in Batman #37 is GOLD! I never knew how much I wanted to see something like that happen. And in the 78 year history of those characters, it took this long to do it? Wow. Anyway, you did good, Tom King.

I’m still loving Amazing Spider-Man RYV even with the time jump. I miss 8 year old Annie but teen Annie is pretty fun.


Likewise. Glad it retained the same quality even with changing the writer, author and the time jump. I like the idea of Annie being older more. Just wasn’t too crazy about putting an 8 year old in constant danger. For me this world works a little better if she didn’t go on that many missions as a toddler, the way it seems now.


Here are some details about Bendis’ deal with DC:

He’ll be writing Superman and Action Comics. DC’s going to bring over all of his creator-owned work and publish it under the Jinxworld banner. Sounds like they’ll reprint the existing work and that he’s got some new stuff in the pipeline. And he’s gonna get his own Young Animal/WildStorm-esque imprint to oversee ala Gerard Way and Warren Ellis.


I agree.

Poor DC.


Great article on Christopher Priest, an African American writer for Marvel and DC. He was even an assistant editor for Marvel for a time under Jim Shooter. He also wrote Black Panther and created Everett K. Ross. Good read before you check out the Black Panther movie next week if you’re going.


His run on Deathstroke has been great for that character too


I’m on the final volume of Azzarello’s Wonder Woman series. It’s been a solid book, but I just never quite connected with it. There wasn’t enough focus on WW herself, and all the other characters are pretty unlikeable for most of the story.

Also on volume 3 of Garth Ennis’ War Stories. These have all been very good, but I can’t imagine myself reading them again.


I really liked New 52 Wonder Woman, but after the Rebirth it just doesn’t appeal to me as much.

NInja-K has been very interesting so far.

Invincible finally ended :s It was a really good last issue, and we got to see Universa one last time. Apparently, we will see these characters in another comic.


I’m a big fan of the Azz/Chiang Wonder Woman. I picked up the Absolute Editions 'cause I have that much love for it. It’s definitely not a traditional Wonder Woman story, but considering it was part of the New 52 cluster, they did pretty much the best job they could have done… It’s like an Elseworlds story - Like, what if the Greek gods were a mafia family? (Gotta love how Azz stuck with what he knows.) They were able to take this new and different Wonder Woman and place her in a setting we’ve not seen before, but keep the core of her character intact. I don’t know if I’d give this to someone as an example of the iconic WW story, but I’d give it to someone looking for a great read. To me, it’s the greatest book of the New 52 era, by far. Cliff Chiang’s Orion is also the coolest Orion since Walt Simonson.

I got the first WW Rebirth hardcover, and I dig it. I’m a Rucka fan for sure. His first run back in the early/mid-2000s is probably my favorite WW run. I’d still have to see how his Rebirth run ends when the second hardcover comes out, but I do think the first HC would be something good you could give someone who’s looking for an iconic and traditional Wonder Woman comic.

I’m also a fan of Ennis’ War Stories comics. Out of all of his comics, his war comics are my favorites. I’m really into the War Stories comics that Vertigo published, but the Avatar stuff hasn’t been as good. The art kinda sucks, and made it hard to appreciate the stories. The Battlefields comics he did for Dynamite are good, too. Battlefields: Dear Billy is one of my top Ennis comics.


So Dan Slott is on the upcoming Fantastic Four revival.