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Picked up all of Mice Templar for under $40 off eBay. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and since I’m trying to get back into comics and manga I figured it’d be a good place to start.

I’m trying to buy trades and hardcover collections of series’ that are already finished so I can read them all at once and be done with it. I hate cliff hangers.

Probably picking up all of Y the Last Man next. Gotta finish reading one punch man first before I move onto another series (I know I said I only pick up series’ that are finished but I on a whim picked up the first 13 volumes of one punch man for under $80 at a con earlier this month. I couldn’t pass it up)


reading Grrl Scout magic socks vol 1
Descender vol 1
both have great art styles.
Descender is a graphic novel done with a watercolor style.
Grrl Scout is just funky drawings. recommended.



and Descender pages with its watercolor painting look to give you an idea of their distinct look.


I just dropped some huge cash on some comics. Should be getting them all on Wednesday (thanks 2 day shipping from amazon)
Pick up all of Umbrella Chronicles, Y: The Last Man, Revival, Hack/Slash, Proof and Locke and Key.

I’m super stoked to start reading it all. I just don’t know where to start!

Next paycheck I’m going to pick up all of Invincible and Fables


dude…did you use Amazon Locker? cuz if the location of your local locker is close to you it makes shipping and picking shit up like books so much easier. i’m in love with my local amazon locker thats just 2 blocks away from me.


oh yea. give the graphic novel Monocyte a try.


I don’t need amazon locker because I always order stuff on Friday so it will get here Monday or Tuesday when I have days off.


I am about to read Lady Death: Chaos Rules. Never managed to read it because it was a kickstarter thing and wasn’t available digitally. Someone finally uploaded it to a website, so if someone wants to read it or get it:


So I don’t read Archie comics, but this Vampire story is cool. I really like the art, reminds me of old Vampirella


@Million-X you gotta see the post above since you are into vamps so much


Incidentally, I do read the “new” Archie, and it’s a fun read. An odd amount of filler for a monthly comic, but it’s fun.

I’m assuming someone here reads Saga?


no one reads Saga. we’re all supposed to cuz everyone says its really good but we never do.
maybe because it got too big too soon. never had a chance to get niche.


I read Saga. It’s really fucking good, I buy the trades when they get released.


Saga is awesome


I was on the trades for a while, but once that last one came out and I saw that it was basically right behind the monthly releases, I jumped on the monthly train. It’s so fucking good.


can someone explain what the word GWEN means in the comic book world?
because i see this word now on comic book titles such as SpiderGwen and Gwenpool and im at a loss wtf this is.
is this some new SJW/PC bullshit or what?


Gwen Stacy, Spider-man’s first girlfriend. Though she has been dead for decades people have asked repeatedly to bring her back. Since the last Secret Wars events, all universes have merged, and so Marvel have brought Gwen Stacy from other universes which are not necessarily like the one from “our” universe. One is a spider, the other is a deadpool version of Gwen.

I have been reading Dark Ark. Pretty interesting, from the writer of Red Lanterns. Back when Noah had his ark built, a sorcerer was tasked by a demon to make a similar ark to house the world’s monsters for after the great flood


Gwenpool isn’t an alternate Gwen Stacy. Her name is Gwen Poole. She’s some sort of fourth-wall breaking comic book fan who ended up in the Marvel Universe and decided to be a superhero or something. I don’t remember exactly. It’s not something I have much interest in.

Spider-Gwen, on the other hand, is a great comic.


The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis Hunt

This is basically a reboot of the WildC.A.T.S. / Stormwatch universes after Jim Lee sold the WildStorm imprint to DC Comics and relaunched last year with Warren Ellis handling plot and continuity duties. The artwork is serviceable as it is though I would like it if they were able to get Travis Charest or Brett Booth back in some capacity (but highly doubtful).

The narrative is well-paced but the characterizations could be a little bit better especially for the uninitiated. With my familiarity with the universe, I had no problem jumping straight into the books; my observation is that some readers would find the personalities somewhat heavy-handed but that’s just me.

It’s currently on issue 14 right now so plenty of time to catch up for anybody looking for a new read.


The Wild Storm is one of the best things DC is publishing right now. It was a great idea to give Ellis oversight over this entire line. I’m really like Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork, too. He’s got a very clean line that really suits the sleek aesthetic of the new WildStorm universe. His redesigns of the various characters are stylish.