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Looks like that’s from an Exiles comic, which is basically a What If story, so stuff like that is par for the course. It’s supposed to be darker and more out-of-character.


The best What If is still the one where Dracula kills off the X-Men.


But Colossus bleeding in armored form is some straight Bendis levels of bullshit.

Not bleeding in armored form is a large part of why he didn’t die to Riptide’s assault, in The Mutant Massacre.


What is this garbage?

Whatever happened to bros before hos?


The best What If is the one where Conan the Barbarian travels to the Marvel Universe and becomes a pimp and owns a pet leopard.


So the Chaos! characters are meeting Casey from hack/Slash, so I am very interested!

In Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!, Cassie Hack, Slasher Hunter Supreme, thought she’d gotten rid of those teenager-perforating undead menaces. But now they’re suddenly springing back to life! Cassie and Vlad are going to have to team up with mega-death dispenser Evil Ernie to stop the slaughter, putting them on a path that appears to lead through Chastity, the Chosen, and Purgatori.

Commenting on his upcoming crossover, author Tim Seeley remarked, “I bought the very first Evil Ernie series off the shelf when I was a teenager. It was black and white and gritty looking…it felt like something I wasn’t supposed to show anyone else. Perfectly scary and creepy. Which I loved. I still think of Chaos! in those terms. These are the comics that you hide under your bed. They’re just for you.”


havent read it but bought it for the art style.
its called Heathen created by natasha alterici
i like her scratchy style.
its interesting.


I like heathen. I was reading it but forgot what the last issue was.

Dynamite has a horror bundle

There’s a $0 tier, and a $5 tier with a cool Top Cow/Dynamite crossover series, Monster Wars. And more.


Dynamite had an ongoing comics called Devolution. But before it was published, Paul Renaud was going to be the artist, and the pieces he had done look fantastic



I started reading Paper Girls.


I about 20 issues into Tom King’s Batman and am not really feeling it. It’s possible Morrison just spoiled me forever when it comes to the Bat.


Morrison was godlike.


Has anyone read the Avengers story- Under siege by Roger Stern?


I read the first couple of Tom King Batman TPBs and there was some stuff that was kinda lame (the Bane story, and Batman getting his back broken again) and some stuff that I thought was interesting (Kite Man). But overall, I wasn’t so impressed with his work that I felt compelled to voraciously stay up to date with it. In all honesty, I would probably give up on his run if I wasn’t familiar with some of his other work. I loved The Vision and I thought Sheriff of Babylon was good, so I think I’ll give his Batman another chance when he finishes his 100-issue story. I also really wanna read his Mister Miracle.

Under Siege is one of my favorite Avengers stories. It can be a little wordy in places, but it thankfully doesn’t reach Claremont-levels of excess. The art in particular really sells the Avengers’ situation. John Buscema is one of my favorite artists ever, and he and Tom Palmer really commit to showing what a beatdown looks like when the Wrecking Crew and some other jobbers mess up Hercules really bad. The whole concept about Baron Zemo gathering a small army of supervillains and launching a surprise attack on Avengers Mansion is a good one. You wonder why they never did it sooner.


Hack/Slash vs Chaos is finally out, and it’s such a good read. It feels very supernatural like the good 'ol Chaos! comics from the 90’s with the slasher vibe of Hack & Slash


Dynamite comics is having a sale on comixology. Lots of TPB’s on sale


Really enjoying these European comics, these in particular deal with themes of the supernatural and mysticism

First one is Badlands

A FANTASTIC WESTERN CUTTING BREATH! "His soul is now journeying into the spirit world, lifted up by the wind far from the splendors of the earth. Yellow Wolf In the late nineteenth century, Perla Ruiz-Tenguillo traveled south of North America at the head of a small group of adventurers. His goal: to walk in the footsteps of his ancestor, the alchemist Hernan Ruiz-Tenguillo. Because the invisible world revered by the Indians and described by his grandfather two centuries ago has not disappeared! It has been hidden from the eyes of the whites to prevent them from seizing the powers associated with it. Perla hopes to rediscover this universe located behind the ultimate frontier, that of reality …

And I just finished reading SHE

ADAPTATION OF THE NOVEL BY HENRI RIDER HAGARD. Cambridge University, 1880. Horace Holly, a strange character, just inherited a broken piece of pottery covered in antique inscriptions that will set him on the tracks of one of Isis priests, Kallitrates, who was killed nearly 2000 years ago. His quest leads him to Africa, to a secret kingdom, where a mysterious queen reigns.


Just swung by to say that if you collect hardcopy TPB then instocktrades always have super low prices on trades. I don’t buy from there super often because I like to support two of my local comic shops but when they don’t have what I’m looking for I hit up instock.


Yup…IST is the GOAT (although it takes them longer to ship now then it used to).

I finished Superman Rebirth deluxe hc vol 1 the other night. Good stuff, like it better than Tomasi’s Batman and Robin so far. Nothing groundbreaking, just solid Superman stories with an emphasis on his family…basically the feel-good title you want to read after suffering through all the WB movie Superman nonsense.


Paying $1 gets you quite a few comics: vampirella, the 5 issues of Chaos! the Chosen, Red Sonja, Army of Darkness