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Anything crisis related, Scott Snyder batman stuff, Darkseid war

Darkseid war isn’t apart of the sale. (Edit: it is)

I think some of the Batman Dark Metal stuff is on sale.

I’ve heard mixed to bad things about every crisis except for Infinite Earths.

I’m lookin specifically at batman vols like 1-7 those are the groundwork for alot of what’s been leading into the current batman. Scott snyders run of stuff before all the metal stuff happened.

I tend to like crisis stuff because I’m into understanding the multiverse/cosmic aspect of dc

Edit: I see what you’re talking about now. I didn’t know Snyder did that run of Batman.

And that’s fair about the crisis stuff.

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Lmfao you were confusing the hell out of me. I kept questioning if I’m lookin at the prices wrong.

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No you’re fine. I’m just an idiot and I’m super tired.

I also think court of the owls actually might be in one of those volumes as well for batman stuff

some images I missed in the post above

Damn she’s savage stripping off Namor with one hand, and taking down her pants with the other


Anyone read X of Swords yet? Only 2 issues in and the stakes are pretty friggin high. Great reading so far.

Not yet. I was waiting for a trade of it. Which is killing me on the inside. I’m only on dawn of X trade 7 (8 comes out in 2 weeks) so I also don’t want to skip ahead without context

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I am reading X of Swords. I was expecting some fairy tale shit, but I have to say it’s been pretty good!! Plot is very interesting so far. The art in Creation #1 is awesome. I like those dynamic poses Polaris strikes while using her powers



Generally what’s 10-12 books you really like and I’ll get back to you with a rec list.

I’m not really versed in DC. I wouldn’t even say I like most the heroes or certain runs. I like the isolated stories or mini-series more than anything. Things like Tom King’s Mister Miracle, All-Star Supers, Red Sun, Long Halloween, things like that.

I’m specifically talking about the things available in that sale thatre worth reading

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Jump in with the Sinestro Corps War first volume. I fell in love with the Green Lantern comics when Patrick Gleason’s art caught my eye on Green Lantern Corps, and I ended up working my way back through the Geoff Johns reboot of the main title. The Sinestro Corps War was a lot of fun and kickstarted the whole modern era of GLC.

The only other book I’d pay money for is the awkwardly titled Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman. That was a solid Elseworld’s style story with fantastic art by Eduardo Risso.

You’d really need to be a turbo nerd to appreciate some of the deeper cut stuff on that selection of sale books, and if you’re not enthralled with the universe lore of the constant expansion and contraction of the DCU - you can just enjoy fun stories without the need for baggage.

For instance, I enjoyed Brightest Day even though it’s regarded as something of a clunker because I’m a big fan of Hawkman and Swamp Thing.

If you’re in the United States, check to see if your library has Hoopla, Overdrive, or Libby apps for lending digital content. They are a great way to enjoy reading comics you don’t want to spend money on, or to read comics to verify it’s something you enjoy and want to spend money on. I read a ton of comics there and it helps refine what to purchase, e.g. the Vendetti/Hitch Hawkman series. Not my favorite Hawkman run, but seeing as how good Hawkman runs are rare; it’s a solid and entertaining take.



Gotta appreciate when someone comes out of lurking to gush about green lantern and hawkman

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From those, I really like the Earth 2 issues. Alternate universe, you don’t need to know back story to enjoy this.

Justice League VS Suicide Squad is good, too

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Lol I don’t blame you for mentioning the fairytale stuff (X of Swords #2 stuff incoming)


Excalibur is already engrossed with all that. As I was reading I kinda tuned out on it. But I thought Apocalypse went AWF when he decided to kill the externals. I kinda hope that gets back to the Quiet Council. He’s effed up royally with that, and being a proxy in Rockslide’s death. Shoot, if anyone else dies in Otherworld it’s curtains for Poccylips. He’s already catching it from Chuck and Erik. For real… I am SHOOKETH over the fact that potentially one of the squad of 10 might not come back.

I need Wolverine to be himself, Captain Britain JUST got her body back, Magneto is too iconic to have switch up and I don’t want Storm getting messed over either. Everyone else can die and turn into whatever amalgamated rando version they’ll become.

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Yeah, at this point it’s very difficult to guess who’s gonna die. But right now I am very interested in Apocalypse’s children and who his wife was. That was surprising. And also that Apocalypse was peering with (mutant) magic into Otherworld. Does he represent a threat to the Omniversal Majestrix? Seems unlikely as powerful as she is, but Apocalypose might have something planned.

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Alright based on liking more self-contained limited runs here’s some recommendations after looking at what’s on sale:

1. Forever Evil
2. Identity Crisis
3. 52
4. Sinistro Corp War
5. Multiversity

If you wanted to know the historical backbone of DC macrolevel events then Crisis, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis are the core event series.

Since Snyder’s run up to Vol 6 is free on comixology unlimited I decided to download all the trades available. I read the first trade today on lunch. It’s good so far.

I’ve never been a huge Batman fan cause he treated everyone like shit for no reason (I know there is a reason but also stop being a piece of shit, Bruce. It’s fucking tiresome) but this run is fun so far.

My one complain is I really don’t like the whole “secret society/group/Illuminati” trope much. Especially on such a small scale like fucking Gotham. However, the court of owls seem interesting enough to where I wanna keep reading.

The best part of the run so far is Greg Capullo’s art. It’s amazing. It really zeroes in and defines the tone of Batman and Gotham as a whole. It definitely drives home the fact Batman is a modern day noir.

Shoutout to @maxx for recommending it. I wanted to read the death of the family arc when it first came out but never got around to it.