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I like the costume, eyes are just weird.

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The eyes are my only gripe…


Not feeling it, but I stopped reading Spider-man 1991. It’s not the first time Spidey has changed costumes, and I can’t objectively say “nothing about this says Spider-man” because nothing about the Ditko costume says spider either.

Red and blue?

Certainly not the eyes.

Maybe the webbing on the suit.

File under - this is not for me. My question is, even with the new Miles Morales PS5 game, they did a YA novel tie-in instead of a comic book. Damn. . .

Outside of dinosaurs like us who read these things, are American mainstream comics doomed as they’ve been supplanted by vidya games, movies, and YA novels?

I wouldn’t be mad, and would hope that a new more equitable market could arise like Japan or France, where the companies are less inclined to swindle the creators out of their creations.

What do you know about Marvel children that are born from both Inhuman and Mutant X gene DNA; are those children automatically “Omega Level” like Franklin or are they capable of developing into normal people without powers?

Mostly I think they are Uber powerful. I only remember one such combination that I think was the focus of a big event or big arc and was a big deal. Unfortunately that type of story has been really popular with Marvel the last few years so many of the Uber kids have blurred in my mind. I want to say the kid from Civil War 2 or one arc in a X-Men book around the time of Bendis.

There also a chance they are born without any powers.

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It’s been ages, but aren’t Inhumans technically inert until exposed to the Terragen mists? So. . . it’s only omega level if both mutant and exposed to the mists without it negating a born power set?

Chili time!

The Terragen mist is toxic to Mutants.

And there been parents who both been mutants who had a non-mutant child.

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Do yourself a favor and read Daniel Warren Johnson’s “Wonder Woman: Dead Earth”. It’s one of the best DC stories I’ve ever read.


Just finished that comic, and man damn!!!
That shit was crazy!!

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Miles Morales’ Clone saga…why?


The first three wasn’t very good, why drag Miles into it

The art and inking perfectly set the tone . It was fantastic.

I need to find Space Mullet and Murder Falcon first.

Should have picked them up years ago. . .

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