Comin' back like Altered Nokato's Art Dump?

“…that shit’s for men!” lol:rofl:

Anyways, I got prem now so I thought I’d try and make my own little art dump here. For the most part, it’ll be the same stuff from my DA but for the peeps that don’t wanna go there ( why?) they can check here, I might have some “srk” only sketches here too…we’ll see.

Anyways, my first drawing has been the first since a hiatus due to illness, I’m still trying to wake up my hand still but its a slow progress. It’s a drawing of my character Meiko Schultz, if you’d like to know more about her and at least see some sample pages of her in action, check out my deviantart.

Edit: I’m still kinda new to this, so instead of it appearing as an attachment, where are some easy to manage places that I host my art to have here?

Good stuff man. The last pic I seen of yours was a Kyo and Iori pic that you were working on when Shinshay and I came over your house to play some 3S.