Coming back from SSF4 (PS3), Need Help


Hey all,
I took a long break after SSF4 due to interests in other games. After seeing some of the recent content such as the 25th anniversary tournament, I was hooked again. What is the best way I can pick up this game again? I’m a bit confused on this arcade edition and arcade edition 2012 thing. I left off at Super Street Fighter 4 so what should I be purchasing to get up to date. Should I stick with the PS3 version or move on to the steam version? I am low on cash, but I would like to see the pros and cons of both sides.
Also, seeing that the current version is 2012. Is it a good idea to even start on the game? The year is not a fixed number like we see in many sports video games.




You need arcade edition, the 2012 patch is a free update.

You can either purchase the upgrade to ae from super for 20 bucks on psn or you could get the standalone arcade edition version from a game store. I don’t recommend steam because in my personal experience you have a lot of issues with people on bad computers and the overall level of competition is way worse than on the consoles.


I bought the game on PC from amazon for £8. Pretty sure that’s the cheapest method.