Coming back..I think



I want to get back into marvel and was hoping if I could get some online sparring partners? Doesn’t matter what skill level you are, just want to play people since the scene here is mostly dead.


I would if I didn’t loathe online play as well as don’t subscribe to xbl


I loathe online too but the problem is in Iowa the scene here is mostly dead, so I mainly have online to train on. Tho still trying to think of a PW team…maybe will try PW/Deadpool/Dante, even tho PW/Deadpool don’t really have synergy, sucks that all the characters I like to use are low tier haha.


Deadpool has the gun THC and the choice between an OTG assist and a low assist. Deadpool can combo off of the dog. But that’s about it. I’d recommend sticking with Spencer or a strong, well-rounded point character that works well with Dante (e.g. Zero or Magneto, preferrably the latter because he comes with Disruptor).

There’s only one character in your list that’s low tier, and it’s not RR (though he has some issues).


Guess I could give Magneto a shot, tho…I have not even touched him once. God…going through teams like crazy…


Magneto’s hard to get used to, but he teaches you a lot. While he doesn’t have specific tactics with Wright (unlike Spencer), he’s a solid character that can be played on every position (though anchor is his weakest position). He comes with a great assist and great support options (TAC infinites), and he’s a very versatile point character with great high low mixups, good damage and meter building, a fantastic throw, great mobility, fast normals, etc.

If you are not comfortable with Magneto, Spencer is a good choice.


I haven’t played in quite a while, so I may suck pretty bad. Nobody in my scene plays this game anymore either.

I think we’re already friends on XBL, but I’m GodotsRevenge just in case.


I’ll give magneto a shot even tho I’m horrible at the game. Even tho I hate spencer I use him just cause he helps wright, if I could, would use Wright/Dante/Arthur. Yeah godot I have you added