Coming back to TvC

I was recently on a hiatus from playing TvC. Ive been dabbling in fighters like blaz and ssf4 but I decided to comeback for more TvC before MvC3 comes out. Anybody else find themselves in this predicament?

First of all, it’s always great to see more people play this game, so welcome back!

A large number of people from the TvC community are waiting for MvC3, so you aren’t alone. Everyone is excited for MvC3, but it doesn’t hurt to play a few more games of TvC before then. Hope you can find some competition in your area, or find people to play online!

Oh ya I love TvC Its the first Capcom game I used a stick with. GASP!!! (about 100 trolls just fainted @ their computers). I just wanna play it some more so I can get that feel again.

Damned if I only have one person to play with though his megaman is pissin me off. With his anti anti-air cross-up technique.

For those interested its shield attack, weapon change in the air. if they anti air it wallbounces if they do nothing weapon change in the air for ambiguous crossup shit.

wut up, i just got this game and its great,. but i’m thinking it only has a couple of months of life left since mvc3 is coming out.

As much as it hurts that such a great game will lose almost all momentum by Feb, I’d rather have people just play the game and enjoy it. At this poijnt, I’m more interested to see what people can pull off in this game until then. It still surprises me that there are still a large variety of play styles present and developing for this game.

We just have to keep the game alive even if no one is playing it too much because I will play Marvel 3 and TvC as my second game.

It’s obvious most people will probably move over to MvC3 when it comes out. I’ve not played TvC yet but was given money for Christmas so I bought a wii, tvc and the madcatz tvc stick. Can’t wait to play it, it looks fun. I’m actually allowed to play it now but am chosing to wait til Christmas since it’ll make the day a bit more special having something new to do.

Lies TvC will live on forever in are hearts.

So when does tvc2 come out??? lol

Never? I don’t think Capcom would ever make a 2nd one unless there’s a huge demand from Japanese audience.

There’s less of a demand from the Japanese audience than there is from the American audience honestly.

yourmother is correct.

(They could release TvC:UAS in arcades… if they were feeling reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal nice)

I hate to say it but yes TVC is dead and Unless EVO run it again its over. I mean the whole scene is mostly Socal and Norcal ( and just the Bay area ) Its a good game that got overshadowed.


Now with speed racer and PTX-40A+Gold Lightan team.

TvC2: To be released in 2016 and forgotten (again due to another major VS release). =P

Now (somehow) featuring Phoenix Wright and Samurai Pizza Cats!

Don’t forget Speed Racer

Needs more ROBOTS!!!