Coming back to UMVC3


Its been a while since I played this game consistantly but now I want to get into it and become inspired again. I’ve been running Wesker/Dante/Doom and I would like some help in terms of combos and mixups. I want to come up with some TOD’S with this team but I feel like anything DHC’d into Weskers lvl 1 hyper doesn’t really do that much damage. What do you guys think? How can I get back into this game.


Run. Run while you still can.


you could run Dante point use Wesker on 2nd and doom on anchor hidden missiles or plasma would work. Dante is probably the best character in setting up unblockable resets just have to be aware of invincible supers in to safe dhcs and raw tags that would solve your tod problems and build you stupid amounts of bar. Wesker is better in the second slot with xfactor lv2 + assist then he is as a solo x-factor lv3 user most of the cast is these days except for dark phoenix and maybe Strider. Dante point requires work so I hope you play him and not jam session.


Yeah I’ve been playing him since Vanilla. So should I run any other assist with Dante besides Jam on this team? I already use lasers with Doom so…


You just listed 3 characters that are retarded with Strider. Pick two of those characters you like best/who you can use best and jam Vajra assist in there. You’ll have easy conversion combos and mixups instantly with Vajra backing up any of those 3 characters.


Yeah UMVC3 is a pretty harsh and unforgiving game thats borked worse than MVC2 was, and only seems to get worse as the community learns new system exploits and TODs. However, for those willing to whether the storm of brokeness and step their game up, its worth it i think.

Just be prepared to wade knee deep in salt when working up to that point.