Coming Changes

Due to user requests we will soon be merging the mvc2 subforums with general strategy. I’ve talked to wizard and there is a strong possibility he will institute the change in the coming weeks after he deals with a few unrelated matters first.

So for now I will be moving choice strat threads to general stategy and see if there is any improvement in the community. If you know of a good character specific thread you’d like to see in general strat you may nominate them here or via a PM to me.

I will probably make an announcement in Fighting Game discussion once the “big move”(i.e. all the folders are gone). Just keeping you all updated


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awesome, btw that avatar is godlike

pretty cool. so is this the official put this thread up in General Strat thread?



Cool. I think Ninja School (Strider Thread) deserves Gen. Strat treatment.

Get a link or don’t bother with the suggestions. :wgrin:

This change is a bad move.

I recommend gathering the data from all current threads to make an FAQ per character. Then delete all posts there. There should also be a teams FAQs, such as MSP, ROW, Clock, Duc, etc. People can make posts in this subforum to discuss things and if needed someone can edit the FAQs.

You’re entitled to your opinion, but from what I can tell there is very little point to having so many sub forums when there are only 1 or 2 (and in some cases none) frequent visitors to each one. This isn’t game faqs, having someone write a quickly outdated article and letting it rot in a rarely visited, 1 out of 56 character sub-forum isn’t going to do this community any favors.

The forums are meant to be an exchange of ideas, which I find is greatly hindered by dividing our already dwindling user base by 56. How many people visit every single character specific forum? No one right? But if all the threads were in general strat and someone bumped the Amingo thread with some good info, you might be tempted to read it.

The same thing happened to me when reading the Super Turbo forum. I went in looking for some T. Hawk strats and then saw some updates in the fei long thread. I then read through it and even watched a few fei long match videos. That’s how I want this forum to work, and I believe clockw0rk, mixup, and all the others who brought this idea to the forefront are on the right track.

So we are going to just give this a trial run. If it doesn’t work out we may revert back. Still, what’s the worst that can happen? Even if half of the regular forum users just up and decide to leave we’ll still have like 5 users left.

You worry too much.

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yup, you want people eye’s to pass through all the threads. Something might catch their eye and they’ll read\study it for a while. It will promote discussion in a dead forum.

good example

No and yes, it’s a bad move for forums but it’s a good move just for FAQs in general.

is this forum glitchy? for example i posted in a strider/sent/commando thread, but when i refresh the page the thread in question still only has 3 replies, even though after i posted there was like 12+ replies or something. is it just me or are some of the threads not being updated?


Part of me thinks this is a bad idea, but in the end it is needed. Latly I have been unlocking every character in the DC version and going through the character forums to learn something about all the characters and often I find the X character FAQ thread is actually just a bunch of people talking about the character, but no real faq is there and worst of all that thread is stickied for some reason that is beyond me.

is this still going to happen?

^wtf? what are u doing here? u hate this game!