Coming down to WA?

Cole you know I’m coming for you.

Welcome to Gamestop Round 3.

Want to do that MM? My Fuerte vs. your Dhalsim?

Oh and can you hold a tourney that weekend or something, I don’t care if I lose in the tourney, I’m just going for vacation.

Forget Gamestop Round 3 it’s all about fatbear vs Kai round 3. When are you coming up?

Ps2 =
FatBear - 10
Kai - 0

Iono, I’m debating on whether I’m going to go or not. I was just thinking about it because I can fly down to Seattle for $120. It’s either going to be here or AZ.

Are you Kai?

Preppy is having a game night this Friday, so you’ll definitely be able to get some good games in if you head to Seattle this weekend.

Gamestop is March 14.