Coming from Street Fighter? Not sure the difference between SF / BB?

Here is a comparison I wrote for a random thread, and thought I’d share it with other newcomers to BlazBlue / Guilty Gear styled games!

key terms to learn!
okizeme: "attacking someone who is getting up from a grounded state"
abare: “converting random hits into big damage” (yes this is a VF term with a different meaning :c )

Street Fighter focuses on footsies and strong ground games. To become the best player at the game, you must master the range of characters, as one whiffed attack can be punished heavily. Also, ground strings are very simple and to the point, with limited mix-up potential after 1-2 hits. Combos generally only start from the ground, and are rewards for the opponent not blocking a cross-up correctly, or whiffing an attack at a terrible range. Counter-hits generally do not reward you in obvious ways. In some games, meter management is very critical also, as it allows you to have an advantage later in the round.

Guilty Gear series focuses on the same issues as above, but add the concepts of okizeme and abare. The goal is to knock the opponent down in any way, and set up your okizeme pressure. Imagine if you could use Ryu, and trip someone. Then, throw a fireball and cancel it, and jump at them. They have to guess 3 ways as to what you will do next. If they don’t block that fireball, they get hit, and you get another knockdown and the process repeats. If you hit them with high, low, or throw… those are your okizeme options.

Guilty Gear also focuses on Abare, which is the concept of, say… Ryu hitting someone with a max range crouching forward. In most SF games, the most you’ll get is a fireball / super. However, imagine you could cancel it the fireball (again) and go into a huge air combo. Converting that tiny hit into a much bigger combo is a huge deal. However, Guilty Gear lets you do many different ways. Sometimes though a perfect anti-air, you get a 15% combo. A perfect risky attack may lead to a counterhit, giving the attack ground bounce abilities, wall bounce abilities, wall stick, etc. Playing strong footsies with characters can lead to counterhits that lead to 50% damage.

Now, Blaz Blue adds additional concepts to traditional Guilty Gear game play. While Guilty Gear focused more on guaranteed okizeme situations, where the opponent has to deal with your attacks, Blaz Blue gives you 4 ways of getting off the ground. They have varying risks, but prevent the type of knockdown -> generic block attack -> mix-up game play that is prevalent in Guilty Gear. With a strong understanding of your risks, and the rewards, you can escape okizeme situations.

Another interesting concept is the one of “being helpless in a combo”. Normally, when you play Guilty Gear. combos can last quite a while. There is never a reason to tech, because nobody practices techable combos that may do more damage, unless they suck. So, the best strategy is generally never tech. BlazBlue’s ground system allows you to infinitely combo someone until they’re forced to get up. Throws can also combo, and do not prorate; meaning they do full damage. However, to balance this, a combo’ed throw usually has a massive escape window; which is very very simple if you’re awake.

So, simply, but allowing you to combo throws, you force the opponent to always be on their toes in the middle of combos.

:3 That was a bit much, but hopefully it made sense and is useful for you to understand the difference between games.

Oki is kinda the opposite of wakeup, so you should probably amend your definition. The dude getting up the floor is playing his wakeup game. The dude attacking the person getting up the floor is playing his oki game. The word oki is used because there isn’t really an English equivalent.

Edited, thanks for the suggestion. :3

Good stuff koogy, this should help out the BB newbies a lot :tup:

ah, one thing throws in a combo. yes they do full damage if used in a combo, but they do not reset combo damage, if you mean the damage scaling. doing a long combo that makes your damage near/at 0 damage then throwing, then combo’ing off that throw will still yield your damage to near/at 0 damage.

Hey great post for beginners koogy, this should help them to understand this game or else there gonna quit very quickly. I just hope to not see flow chart Ken equivalents in this game, I suffered enough scrubbage

Very nice little write-up! I think this will help out a lot of people.

This well definitely help SRK. Stickied for ease of use.

Thank you. I am grateful for all information on BlazBlue. I am really looking forward to this game. I played GG about once or twice, but nothing serious and I really want to get good at this game. I just got my TE stick too. 1 more day!

That was pretty helpful. I am super stoked for BB, I only ever played GG once, I found it was really strange. I’m really excited to start a new fighter.

So alot of combos in BB start from the ground?

I read this in the other thread earlier and thought “damn, this better get stickied or it’s gonna come up every other hour.”

I guess it did, good stuff Koogy.

Yes, but there are strong air-to-ground setups as well as throw setups (throws can be combo-ed into and out of in BB). For example a basic drive loop for Tao is 4b+c xx 236cc xx 2d~9 j.c 8d~6 j.c 8d~6 236bbbbbb. 4b+c is the throw that starts it all off, and you buffer the 236cc that knocks the opponent into the air during the throw animation.

Just like in SFIV, hitconfirming things are super important too, because there are simple BnB combos that work on any situation vs. combos that work due to the added hit-stun from counter hits. This is probably my favorite aspect of GG/BB. You rush your hits and you end up doing a weak combo where if you were patient and hitconfirmed whatever you were doing, you can get some really good damage in.

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This is the sort of think I was hoping to see on this forum. If anyone has any other specific SF-to-BB analogies, that would be so helpful.

There is a “KOFXII for SF Players” primer video somewhere out there that really did a great job for that game. I’m wondering if we’ll see something similar.

I’ve heard Ice Ride spamming Jins are the new Flow Chart Kens. I’m just going to stick to player matches unless I’m really in the mood for hatemail though. I’m sure playing Nu will get me plenty. :rofl:

haha, during my stint at button mashing BB at the arcades ill admit I’ve done this before :sweat:

i only played BB in the arcades for the first 3 days of release so take this with a grain of salt, but iceride spamming jin is definitely one of the flowchart tactics… the other big one is noel spamming drive… i expect to see a WHOLE LOT of noel mashers spamming her drive cause its HIGHLY effective at low levels of play and because of the fact that noel is such a cool looking character and her drive moves just look sick as well. noel spamming drive was pwning my never having played a GG game ass before. i also used mashed drives from her to give the better players alot more trouble than what i should have.


Guilty Gear players are funny.

silly japanese word #1 = wake up games

silly japanese work #2 = hit confirm

Oki has also been used in tekken for quite some time as well…

Thank god this got stickied. I need all the help I can get >_<

Wait, I’m a Guilty Gear player and I don’t know this one.