Coming from Street Fighter? Not sure the difference between SF / BB?


In SF the game is trash enough that in most cases your safe by just holding down back. In BlazeBlue if you want to go with a shameful and pitiful type of look, just jump around and dash across the corners like a chicken with its head cut off. I didn’t know either to laugh or feel sorry.


Literally just getting started today. A little overwhelmed, but a lot of good information. Thanks guys.


cough Doesn’t understand either game and is most likely 12 and god awful at both…


What amused me about that post is that the last two sentences sound like they were Google Translated, except Google translate wouldn’t get things like “you’re” and “your” confused. And might have gotten the game’s name right.



That was my issue with the first. Thinking of getting BBCS and the tutorials look like they’d be a big plus for me.


Whats most confusing for me coming from SF are the notations like for combos , like 5B 3C 214C dont know what the hell that means lol . Is it like the numbers on the key board? 5 being neutral?




So 236 would be a QCF, 214 would be a QCB, 623 is a DP, etc.


Thought so, gonna have to be patient with this game then.


Thanks for the info. I just recently chose to play FGs on a hardcore level so I bought SSFIV a few months ago, and BBCS today. I really like the fact that there’s a very thorough tutorial mode in CS (Alucard’s funny), and the character designs are a lot more interesting than most of the ones in SF imo (which made the game somewhat plain to me). But there’s a lot more stuff to keep track of in this game than SF like all the defense mechanics and what-not. Hopefully it becomes more natural to me as I play the game more.


I mostly play BlazBlue because I know that those cheap spammers and button mashers will always lose to real skill. This game punishes button mashing and spamming heavily. Granted some moves have good properties, but any good player will see through those tactics (that means you Noel spammers).

For the most part the cast is pretty balanced. Ever character has a truely unique playstyle, which ensures players will find some favorite. The game mechanics also help make sure the game is balanced. Every character has Burst, barrier, RC, and the like. In the end the only thing that matters is skill. If I lose to someone online its because I lost to someone of superior skill, which is better than losing to some DP happy fool.

While the game has beginner mode I would recommend not using it. In the long run you are better off learning the normal layout, it saves time. The online play is also pretty stable, which I love.

The challenge mode for each character really does teach you valuable basic combos for your character, although 1 or 2 might be impractical. Word of caution, the really high number combos are pretty hard, and some require precise knowledge of spacing and timing.

But thats why I love this game. Story mode is a riot!


After playing Blazblue (and SF 3rd Strike again) I think it helped me a little on SFIV

Is the difference between BlazBlue CT and CSII bigger than first SFIV and SSFIV AE?

I have only the PC version of CT and am learning the game without any Guilty Gear experience. Noel is the easiest to get into but I try to avoid spamming.
that game looks much more difficult to master than SF IV, despite the fewer characters since they are entirely different. I think it helps to change your approach to SF after playing BB.


I give you guys props i loved gg but suck at bb cant really understand why. lol


I would say yes, considering there were a LOT of fundamental system-level changes during the move from CT to CS and a couple more from CS to CS2. To elaborate:

CT had a “guard libra” lug of war guard break system. CS has the ‘guard primer’ system where certain moves break primers and move you towards guard break. CS2 changed how those primers interact with bursts (Round down instead of up.)
In CT, Bursting destroyed your barrier entirely, in CS there are multiple burst types, and the defensive (green) burst halves your guard primers, while offensive (Gold) burst has no penalty for use (aside from the limited number of overall bursts.)

And I’m sure there were other changes as well (I never actually played CT). Whereas, SFIV to SSFIV AE, I can’t recall any real system level changes being made. (Closest thing was adding a second ultra for each character.)

Additionally, since each character in BB is so unique in terms of gameplay, the change from CS to CS2 in terms of roster was enormous compared to SSF4 to AE, even if the actual number of characters added was smaller. There’s absolutely no way to compare the difference between Yun and Yang to the difference between Platinum and Valkenhayn.

I would be inclined to agree with you, simply due to the diversity of the roster and the relative complexity of the mechanics.


I’m coming from Street Fighter maining Ryu and I want to pick up Ragna, Makoto, and Platinum. Any tips or suggestions?


Go through the in-game tutorial for each of those three characters and try not to let the wall-of-text overwhelm you. The information is actually pretty good and will give you a sense of some basic strategies for the characters.

None of those three are especially complicated, though Makoto has an extra level of timing on some of her stuff, she’s also crazy dangerous in the right hands, so your next step is probably some combination of messing around in Arcade Mode (make sure to crank the difficulty up a little, the AI is pretty weaksauce on lower levels) and seeing how the characters handle, and working on their trials. (Depending on how adept you are at picking up combos, you’ll probably want to to do maybe the first 5 trials or so.)

From there, hopefully you’ll have an idea of who you want to main; If none of those three click with you, try some others. Once you’ve figured out who you’d like to play, work on trials, and swing by the Dustloop character forums for more specific advice.


I’m coming from street fighter and use to play guilty gear alot and just picked up the new blazblue and looking for any one that wants to spar or school me on some new tips.Thanks


PSN? XBL? RL? Work with us here.


Im playing SSF4AE mainly too. But I saw that video

[media=youtube]jzZZha1tSTs[/media] !!!

And was directly converted. Those badass pink angel wings (lol) and those crazy air combos after double jumping or air dashing.

(Bought Blazblue continuum shift extend, I hope its the actual version of the game and not an old one lol).

Playing on XBL, I hope the game arrives soon.


Extend is the current version, it came out about a month ago, and with it comes pretty much everything you would have bought as DLC for the previous version. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, a lot of people knock it but anyone I’ve known who has actually played it liked it, most of the knocks are either aesthetic)‘too weeaboo’), which you can’t do anything about peoples’ tastes, or the fact that BB players fail to maintain a good competitive scene, which is a completely valid complaint. The game itself is top-notch, though.


Someone said higher up that SF is a more balanced game. That may be true of earlier versions of BB but BBCSEX is one of the most balanced fighters I’ve ever played. No character is non-competitive viable. Characters like Rachel and Tsubaki are going to be much harder to learn than Ragna or Noel but I’ve seen some Rachel and Tsubaki players that really dominate. In fact, I’ve seen a japanese tier list for the game where Rachel was considered S tier, while in NA she’s considered a lower tier. I don’t know how the japanese are playing Rachel, but I think it’s a testament to how much knowing your character can even out the playing field. On pretty much all the tier lists on Dustloop, there are 2 tiers: Top Tier and Not-Top tier. That’s balance.

Also, something I love about BBCSEX is that the combo windows are pretty wide, especially compared to GG, SF, or even BBCS1. I was playing challenge mode and I swear the window the doing the follow-ups to Ragna’s Inferno Divider is like 10 frames. I almost forgot about one and still snuck it in before the COM could tech. The game really comes down to who can play the game better, as opposed to who can spam fireballs better. I still like SF, but the difficulty of some combos in the game is a little silly.