Coming here from Mahvel


I used to destroy entire worlds on UMvC3 but now I’m hanging up my coat so the kids can play without worry of being bodied by me, Grandmaster Havoc.

However, BlazBlue players have a new threat. I go by the name of Grandmaster Havoc, or Havoc the Ultimate Grandmaster of All Things Gamely and Otherwise, for short.

Anyway, I played Marvel on pad and wow was that thing slippery. I recently bought a Hori UMvC3 fightstick and my plan is to learn the ways of the stick and proceed with making the BBCP online community a very unpleasant place to be. If you play locally you will probably be safe.

But before I begin the takeover, I would like to say this is my first serious 2D fighting game because morvel is so different from regular 2D fighters. The commands are different and the combos are different and wow what do I even do

Anyway just wanted to say hey hi hello and that I am coming for y’all and if you see me and my Taokaka (she’s like a fast Hsien-ko!!!) online feel free to rage quit because I will most certainly body you (nothing personal, I understand many of you are veterans but I body everyone irregardlessly).

Thank you for your time and if you have any tips on not being horrible at this game (for others ofc not me) feel free to share (for other players).