Coming Soon: Giant Mech Battles!





Nice. I hadn’t seen the response.

oooo they wanna bring the fight inside…


It does many relevant…


Germany introduces Kampfer MS in 1…2…


So it’s the real life version of Pacific Rim.
Cool when do the Kaiju invade?


In before fat mom jokes When your momma show up as a spectator :dizzy:


Make love, not war!



Why America’s robot dusty?


Living here in Jersey fighting villains from afar!
You gotta drive first gear in your giant robot car!
You dig giant robots! I dig giants robots! We dig giant robots! Chicks dig giant robots!


fight odds
12/1 in favor of Kuratas


If the kurata doesn’t pull off a rocket punch or a getter beam Its not even worth watching.


If both robots devolve to just repeatedly punching each other, then yes. This would be the real life version.

I’m trying to figure out how Jap bot is gonna stand up to the Yank bot, without projectile weapons. A few paintball rounds to the face, and Jap bot can’t see, and will just be swinging blindly.


Assuming this is broadcasted in some way shape or form, anyone trying to place side bets? Hell, if we get a timer, odds/evens? Ring out or time out? Ok, i’ll stop…i got a gambling problem…




They’re all Gundams. Isn’t that right @GespenstRitter ?


If its televised I am 100% betting on this shit.

200 to the glorious America bot. Unless Korea steps in then I’ll have to donate to the glorious leader bot that cures Cancer every time it walks.


They’re clearly Wanzers.


Same here, i hope this battle becomes a thing. I’m still kind of stricken as to who i’ll root for. If it’s hand to hand combat, i gotta put the money on the Japanese, but if it’s purely munitions i’m dumping all my money on USA. We may not have the best robotics for hand to hand melee, but we are pros and blowing shit the fuck up. Korea would be a wild card, and i think i’d be in the same boat as you. Although, hopefully it’s not a rockets only fight, then we’d both be assed out on Korea since we know their track record with getting rockets in the air :expressionless: