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Hi all! :hp:

I’m known as the guy from, and up and coming e-store specifically geared for fighting games. While I’m not new to fighting games, I am pretty new to the SRK community.
A little about myself:

My name is Jaleel, and go as jmanDMC on XBL. I’ve been a fighting game player since the arcade days of SFII, through all of its iterations (and rainbow hacks), and loved it. Never have I seen a game engross so many players, yet remain at a highly technical and competitive level that hardcore players around the world continually seek.

With that, Street Fighter has garnered all sorts of cool character and game stuff over the years (and continues to do so). Statues, Posters, clothing, joysticks, pads and so forth. I enjoy getting collectibles but it’s sometimes hard to find. So I created Focus Attack - a store for fighting game fans. Focus Attack attempts to bring the cool stuff scattered across game stores, hobby shops, and books stores into one place.

The new store will arrive in April. I’ll post a note once it is proper to do so.

Am on Twitter, too. Check it:

Oh, and I just set up a new facebook page. Hope you’ll check it out:

does your payment method do any kind of fraud checking or does it cause any problems? I’m assuming your operation is small so you dont’ have any fraud department or anything, haha. If that’s the case you can easily check that it works with different kinds of cards by using a card number generator for different card types, placing orders and canceling the order. Lots of e-commerce sites test things this way (if they don’t have a beta env. to test in, otherwise no need to cancel orders)

Now- not to knock your request, i’m sure there’s people around here who may help just out of generosity- and maybe you’re well known by people in the community and just don’t post on srk, but… it seems by the fact that you only have 2 posts, you’re just coming in here to get free work out of people (or almost free…). People beta testing your site provides you a pretty large value, honestly a couple bucks off some arcade sticks isn’t really an even trade IMO (although I guess that might depend on how much you’re asking in exchange for that deal.

What ManMan said + he doesn’t have 6 months yet. (early by a few days)

Hi ManMan!

Thanks for posting those questions. Credit card payments are handled by ( The store is powered by BigCommerce ( Testing was done using a personal credit card and confirmed for proper capture. Everything is handled by a security certificate provided by GeoTrust and shared by BigCommerce. The new store will have a dedicated GeoTrust certificate.

I totally understand how coming into SRK and posting something like this will raise some red flags, which is why I’m glad the moderator moved it to the proper spot. I didn’t know about the rules, and should have checked earlier.

As for the beta-testing request, I’ll do away with that. I was originally just asking for people to buy a joystick - nothing more. When the site opens, the proper security certificates will be in place. Customers can decide to use their credit cards or Paypal, a proven safe payment method.

Thanks again!

Good prices on sticks but they’re almost too good. And when something seems too good, it usually is.