Coming to New York for a week, What should I do?


Going to New York with my older brother in mid October and I’m looking at the collective knowledge of SRK for what to do. Some things that I’m sure we will do is:

]NY Jets game if possible
[]Statue of Liberty
]Being a foodie, at least a Michelin Star rate restaurant. Just wondering which restaurant we should hit up that we can either book a reservation now and still get in or when we get to New York in October. Also another upscale but not Michelin Star rated restaurant suggestion and just regular legendary food places we should hit up like markets, districts, ethnic areas etc.
[*]Any sort of events happening at the time that we can hit up at the time.
Any suggestions would be great for about a week to 10 days.



I’ve never been to NYC but I’ve had two suggestions come up over and over. Of course try out Next Level (Henry Cen’s new arcade).

But apparently the food experience here: is pretty awesome.


-next level arcade brooklyn ny
-imax theatre
um…wait, where are u guys coming from. which state?
its important since if u are coming from, lets say california…as opposed to coming from alabama…the suggestions will change.


He’s coming in from Canada (BC).


Aka California.


3 star restaurant:

Not michelin star rated but definitely the best beef in NY I recommend the chilli rubbed rib eye:

I’ve never been to the NYC location but it’s my favorite restaurant and a must eat at if you love spicy asian food I recommend the beef and chilli with basil this place gives quality cuts of beef (flank iron steak.):


Brooklyn Bridge park, on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, gives a really nice view of the city and is a good spot for taking pictures.

Also, lots of neat places to eat around there too.


Definitely leave a day to walk around central park. Going to the piers (pier 81, I think) is an experience, they have an aircraft carrier with jets on there.

Ground Zero but you still can’t see too much as it, last I saw, still surrounded by fencing.

Little Italy for the pastries and pasta. Canal street for the massive amount of shopping for obscure and usually cheap items.

Penn station just to say you saw it.

Jeckyll and Hyde restaurant is awesome. The food is decent, but the decor is cool and the atmosphere is fantastic. Perfect for October. The waiters are all basically haunted house type actors.


Thanks for the input guys, but one thing I forgot to ask where is a good hotel to stay at? Since it is 10 days preferably some place that can we can chill out for a day at if needed and it won’t feel like crap after a couple of days. I know that transit is great but a hotel that is close to all the choice spots for the touristy shit.



Get one of those exquisite NYC hookers


We stayed in Korea town for kinda cheap, its in the middle of everything.

Do everything except for buy a kebab from those fuckers on the corner.