Command and Conquer 3

Anyone play it?

i believe that arcadius and mackenzie may play c&c.


I play it, my XFire is Ic3nin3 so if you see me on there I’ll hop in a game.


Roomie and I play sometime.

ZeroLovesDnB is me and he is FrameTrap


wait you said warcraft 3 right?

you guys should post your xfire names since the C&C3 friends list is so crappy.

god damnit Naser you dont come out of nowhere with this shit.

Whats up man

i played ZH last my pc can’t run cc3 rofl.

im pretty good at random so im told, havent been up to much really, same ol same ol here, what about you? still going to school?

Is there any hacked servers or anything? I’ve played through it, just not the legit version.
(And beating single player on hard obviously makes me a good player… har har)

Any of you guys playing TF2?

Graduated, workin in downtown bellevue now.

hittin the WoW crack pipe again

I’ve clocked in way too many hours of TF2.

any new maps yet? i should play that again

There’s a couple good custom maps that people play a lot, nothing new from Valve though. I’m not sure if Mach2 is custom but it’s a good CTF map.

you should stop playing wow imo, and HellSap you can play C&C3 over hamachi if you dont have a legit version, its a network emulator basically.

I want to play this game more after that quick game with Naser last night. What a beast!

Naser you should get a 360 and play Call of Duty 4

Yea I couldn’t put that shit down when we played this weekend. The leveling up and custom class aspect of it makes it that much more fun.

That aspect is fun.

The fact that I own everyone at it is fun too.