Command and conquer 4 thread . that was fast?

so anyone bought copy yet … ? gamespot given it a 7/10 .

fans give it a 1/10 :S .

Wait, it already came out?

already came out ! i already played it .

Coincidentally I just re-installed Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 + Yuris revenge.

Dos pretty much every character still have awesome one liners?

CC, RA, RA2 and YR were my favorites. ra3 i did NOT enjoy one bit.

C&C4 requires internet connection, even for single player. And the multiplayer is very teambased.

youi bought a copy already ? i was about to inform all you guys not to buy 1st because the reviews are bad .

weeks : RA3 that bad ? i enjoyed abit though .

Nah, I didn’t buy a copy. It use to be pretty fun, not sure what has changed so much that started to make people hate it.

No base building, no ressource gathering, weird design for units, incredibly short campaign. If u expect a CnC game like its predecessors you will be dissapointed.

The whole reason why they removed the base aspect is to prevent someone from getting completely smashed, especially now that they have moved it to a team game. If you lose your crawler, you can always redeploy and rebuild your units. Of course when 1 team is losing, it’s pretty hard to make a come back unless the team has really good coordination.

And what exactly warranted this change? No fans of the series ever wanted this, that’s why everyone is crying.

The other problem is that there are games out there who are using the current CnC4 forumal yet do it 10 times better.


that is just gross

tiberium sun was mad fun. ra3 not so much. but still enjoyable.

Generals and Zero Hour are the best C&C games. Too many people just dismissed those games without giving them a chance.

These two games were always my favorite. That and i have great nostalgia for the original red alert and its like 6 add-ons.

About this game, they took away the base aspect and stick you with one central “command center” unit? What crack pipe were they smoking that thought it would be a good idea to drastically change the series like that.

They are really different than most C&C’s though. But they are one of the most fun, just not one I like to play against other humans.

Meh, CnC games have always been pretty garbage. You can’t blame people for dismissing them after disappointment after disappointment for years on end.

agree ! tiberian sun is still mad fun ,don’t forget the expansion as well . a few mods in that game … that will do .

To be honest i remember playing CnC back in the day, then getting CnC2 when it came out and being greatly dissapointed.

“Ummmm why the fuck is this game in the future? Why are the units so dumb looking? Walkers, wtf, that’s retarded. What happened to the earth? Why is it all destroyed now.” But later on I came to appreciate it. The game was dark, I loved that. It also had, imo, the best FMV’s sequences. “KANE LIVES” gave me shivers the first time I saw it.

With that said, I really did enjoy CnC3 even though true fans hated it due to the reverse technology (no more walkers (cept Avatar), back to tanks and stuff). I found the game to work… very well, the game made sense I guess is what I’m trying to say. Now CnC4 on the other hand… yeah… I dunno wtf to say about this game. It’s weird as hell.

Eh the first C&C game was set in the future, then came Red Alert which was set in the past, Red Alert 2 was in the present and Tiberian Sun was further in the future than the first.

Never played Red Alert 3, so don’t know where that fits. My guess would be shortly before the original (anyone know?).

Generals is its own series.

i played Red alert 3 ,
the tier 1 rifle infantries from 3 factions has its’ own advantages . but i’m quite unhappy with allies’ rifle infantry the PeaceKeepers , they use shot guns … not assault rifles , well they carry combat shield at least .

apocalypse tank in the soviets does not have the anti-air rockets :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: .

the japanese forces is quite hard to use , because they are like crap at the start .