Command grab after normals



Trying to step my Wesker game up a bit more. I can pull it off with Cr.L but what do you guys recommend? which normal should I use to then follow up with his command grab? Did you guys just sit in training mode and practice the timing?


i like c.l s.h ~kara throw. easier due to the c.l helping the buffer


cr.l is the only normal i try to follow up with command grab. would like to know other tricks with normals too


Sorry a bit confused. I understand the C.L but what is the S.H?


5h~63214 L

it’s Wesker’s karathrow. It adds range to the light version to his command grab. the HCB has to be done fast, due to wesker having 6H as samurai edge.
And i like using it to tick off of light, because:
L has little blockstun
after blocked L then delayed kara H, it’s pretty much a free grab.
2L 5H is a frame trap that leaves you at +0 on block.


Wait I’m sorry I’m bad with the terms…2L is? and 5H is? and 63214 is the input for his command grab I’m guessing right?


yes, 2L = neutral crouching L, 5H = neutral standing H
63214 = HCB