Command grab into standing forward launcher

I see in a lot of matches where yun can do the standing forward launcher after the command grab (with and without genei jin activated). Can anybody help a n00b like me out with it? Thanks.

only works on makoto chun and i think q and dudley and twelve if you walk up alittle


… not again.

don’t hate on joey. he’s a mad cool guy. how’s it going joey?

and what TT said was right.

Ok so how do you cancel his chain into GJ it’s impossible you just cant do it no way

thanks for the pointers (no thanks to mr. sarcasm over there).

by the way, whats up khang. i heard you took 3s at ecc. good shit man. that’s a challenge. i guess you heard that they closed mindboggle down here. hope to see you at a tourney sometime soon.