Command grab not grabbing?

this has happened often enough for me to believe that there is something wrong with it.

whenver cable does his command grab, and it hits an opponent it should go through the grab animation but lately, marvel has been treating the grab as a jab and instead of grabbing the opponent, it just gives them hit stun similair to a standing jab.

anyone know wtf is up with that?

this is not a grab, it’s just a melee special move.

you have to hit it deep, like a clean hit in Tekken, or else they just bounce back like a jab.

I just did a max range command grab on magneto and its working. Also, i’ve grabbed sentinel\magnus out of the air with the command grab. It seems that cables command grab will grab limbs hanging out there. Grabbing someone out of the air does not constitute as “deep.”

what your saying isn’t making sense.

seriously stupid properties i’ve seen from this move

why will max range flying sent lk get grabbed?

it must have super counter hit properties

i haven’t really tested that enough honestly, just too many scenarios that look funky come from that

it crushes dash in short from magnus and beats out alot of other lows. i just think it has to do with the counter hit depending on what type of move it does counter hit.

how do you do the command grab that you guys are speaking of?

so your saying that depending on what move your grab them out of determines wether or not you get a hit animation or the grab?

yea like whether your counter hit a special move, or a normal, or even a super for that. whether you counter hit another command grab or a special in the air.

thnx. I got something to look for now.