Command Grab Trouble

Having trouble knowing when to do the command grab. It seems extremely slow to me and I rarely time it right. I am trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it into my game.

Any suggestions?

My team is Hulk (Anti-Air) / Frank West (Shopping Cart) / Doctor Strange (Bolts) BTW.

There’s three ways to set a nice command grab up. Just remember that since it is slower, it will ALWAYS carry a risk.
[]Right after a lockdown assist (shopping cart in your case).
]On incoming characters. Trying an anti-air ‘H command grab’ may catch attacking or airdashing characters. The M command grab works well on non-airdashing characters.
[*]Random cancelled strings. cr.L, cr.M~hcb M is a solid string. The idea is to cancel the cr.M before the active frames occur. You can do it with st.M to for a far reaching kara-grab.

If you ever get someone in a corner and your doing a gamma charge you can cancel that into Gamma quake . As soon as you hand hits the ground you can x-factor in the freeze buffer the command grab.

If the try to attack they get hit by the rocks if they keep blocking they will get grabbed.

I do this with characters that give me trouble or I know a player is good with then.

But its good to try to read your opponent. With hulk you know people are scared and going to wait to block and punish a St.H . But you have to make them afraid of the grab so if you know someone is going to try to block grab! Just keep at it it will come to you

Every time someone rolls to get back up, dash after them and do the L or M version as soon as you’re done dashing. It will catch them unless they’re pre-holding up to jump as soon as they get up.