Command Hop XX Cross-Up Super



I know this is really hard to do…but I’d like to know how it’s even done?!

is it from 1p side…

left, neutral+kk, right, right, left?

i just wanna know cause it’s just too messed up to imagine,



i never done it before, but if it were to work, i’d say left, neutral+kk, right, left right…cuz once i was using vega…and i did his hop backwards things into claw super…i got crossed up in the middle of the backwards hop, but i did the regular motion for thesuper and it came out…(note i ended up on the other side of the opponent when i got crossed up too)


it’s not hard really. if u can do the hop into super consistently, then this is just as easy. just remember that once u go behind the opponent, whatever direction you’re holding becomes the opposite.


position yourself on the tip of range from the left.
charge left (back), neutral hop, hold right(towards), as u land on the other side (still holding right = back), left (towards), p. as you see, the full motion of blanka’s super is there (back, hop, towards, back, towards).

the trick here is that u have to make sure you hold towards before you character goes behind the opponent otherwise on the moment you hold the right direction the first time, you’re actually already behind the opponent thus you’re getting back, back, towards punch. basically, learn the motions for different distances if u really wanna abuse this.

mind games with this tactic include, throwing/rc electricity(nasty!)instead of super.

when u can do that, learn to hop from cancelling, then when u’re through with that, use rc hop. have fun with the many hours of practicing; don’t mind the sore fingers.


thanks oriku! I’m going have fun and try it for a bit =]

and yea, blanka has crazy mind games…I can RC electricity and RC hop consistantly…just can’t RC Ball very well (if at all). The bad thing is that I mainly use K-Groove, so no RC’ing for me :bluu: I might start using C/A groove again to give RC Blanka another shot.

But thanks for the info again!


I’d go…
Charge Back, neutral [or down] + 2-3 kicks, f,B[hold this],+p upon landing so that when Blanka lands the last command becomes a forwards also.

Oriko’s method shown below rewritten should work also…

Left charge, hold forwards at last second during leap [so it becomes a back as well when you land], tap towards and punch. Gives more charge time too.

Reminds me of in SFA3 when I used to flying hk, DB mk, if they blocked, down and 2k to leap through them and then I could attack from behind if they were fooled. Wonder if that cancell still works. I’ll have to test it.

Another dirty trick I saw was when someone tripped the opponent and as they got up the Blanka supered hitting the opponent in the back. IN THE BACK!!!

This statement will kill any confusion in any Capcom game concerning facings for executing moves. ALL commands in any capcom fighting game [meaning street fighter, MvC2, CvS, CvS2, the list goes on] are based on the facing of the character and NOT the position of the opponent. If you side switch, you can make the computer reuse commands shortenning the amount of moves you need to do to execute them.


try doing hop into the electric storm super, the one where he stands up. IT’s really tough.


Yea, that’s a cross up that blanka has. It’s easy to pull with l2 or l3 versions, and those will work of the grab, or whenever you hit them in the air with a normal move (i’m pretty sure). that’s the 50/50 game that blanka plays with you whenever you get knocked down. it’s the same with hop super and hop bite -> cross up super.