Command Jump as a Safe-Jump



Of course this is referring to Ibuki’s command jumps “Hein”(reverse DP+k) and “Tsuijigoe”(DP+p). I know what you’re thinking, the forward command jump is pretty useless to Ibuki’s overall gameplan unless you’re crazy. Well, maybe not; after going in the lab with it, I found that it has some nice properties like, say, protecting you from a mashed Super on wake-up after crossing to the other side. So to prove my theory, I recorded a couple videos demonstrating both jumps. Excuse the audio, something happened to my Flipshare cam and it hasn’t been the same since. (Note: I just made these an hour ago, I’ll see if I can get more examples up today.)



Maybe there’s more to this? I dunno, with all the rage being on safe-jumping lately I thought this could be interesting. Plus, I’ve never seen any of this mentioned in the Ibuki player guide either.

What do y’all think?


I don’t think you understand what makes a safe jump.

In neither of these two videos are you ever even hitting Ryu. You’re just simply positioning yourself on the other side and then blocking.

There’s a rage going on about safe jumps? Where?

Lastly, you probably could have posted this in one of the stickies, instead of making a new thread.


Hello MyKiLL,

As Mingo said, this isn’t a Safe Jump. Instead it’s what we would call an Empty Jump. The idea being that you are baiting your opponent into thinking they can punish you. Most Ibuki players don’t use this technique because the Kunai Vortex in many cases is perfectly safe, giving us at least +5 (up to +7 I think) frame-advantage on block.

However there are quite a few cases where we need Empty Jumps. When the Kunai Vortex doesn’t work or can be punished (such as against Gouken’s Parry or Hakan’s U2, or even Gen’s U1). As far as I know, no Ibuki uses either of these set-ups at the moment, it will be a great tool for baiting. It won’t work every time, but it’ll definitely help with confusing our opponents. Thanks for sharing.



I’d like to add, if it works for you, keep using it. It’s kinda like how I use crossup super or cr.HK xx st. HK SJC Hien super and stuff like that. I never see any Ibukis use it because it requires practice on execution. Maybe your “tech” can be something unique that only you do :slight_smile:

But the only thing is that I don’t think people would mash that hard.