Command Roll

Someone on a different thread said “If you don’t know how to use it then stop using Ken” Tell me when to use it. I haven’t found 1 use for it, and I play a decent Ken. I only use it to get under high Tiger Shots. And even then You’ll just get raped anyway. Does it have ANY use?

RC that shiet

im not shur if this is right but isnt it used to get cloes to some 1. or if u use a groove like the k,s,p where u cant roll.

RC…why not…ROLL instead…and I play K anyway. Kxcj (I think thats the name) told me to stop using Ken if I didnt knw what the command roll was for.

There’s a bunch of different uses for it in different Grooves. I don’t play Ken all that much but the most obvious ones are:

  1. Mobility in non-rolling Grooves. But this is also the most scrubby answer.
  2. Pressure. Like they block -> c.lp -> XX lp Roll do another pressure string
  3. C Groove cancels. Of course.
  4. Tricky A Groove shit when they block your CC.
  5. Mindgame shit. Like Short hop rh -> command roll behind them or something. One time by accident someone was jumping at me and I did lp Roll and crossed them up on the ground and DPed them from behind.

There’s probably other ones, but like I said, I only fuck around with him.

It can also go under some projectiles which is good for P/S/K. YAY!!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I always thought it was pointless unless for his BnB super, because I always get DPed to hell for doing it as a mixup.:frowning:

Don’t take it personal guy. I just find it narrow minded in general to consider any move totally useless when it comes to fighting games that’s all. Using characters to their full potential always involves breaking down each and everything single move they have and finding a way to put them to their best use.

With Akuma for example: Ohnuki setup —> level 3, leaves you right over body, LP command roll (crosses up), meaty demon flip grab. It’s real tricky.

With Ken: Jap blocked string (from buktooth’s thread) —> meaty close s.HK, d.HK xx qcb+LP, RC funny kick.

Even just stuff like close s.HP xx qcb+LP, counter hit jab srk. Don’t dismiss a move when you haven’t tested it out to find it’s full potential yet. Might as well just start typing like the rest of the scrubs here and finish every single sentence with the phrase “that shit!!!”.

Well I play K, so I can’t really RC. I understand your point botu every move being useful…but i HAVE tried the rol…I can only get under Tiger Shots with it…and even then…I’d rather JD it. Any good non RC combos/setups?

I dont play ken,but I figure if you rc it you can essentially hve different length rolls that are all invincible… (to a certain extent)… so when someone thinks you are going to roll to a certain distance and try to punish it accordingly it may not be what they expect… and plus i say to rc evertying. that is my solution. (regardless if its’ a good one or not, lol)

The point’s not whether you’re using a RC groove or not. Ken’s command roll is a special move. His LP+LK roll is the same universal roll everybody else has. Special moves (ie. the command roll) you can two-in-one cancel from normal moves. Universal rolls you cannot. Sure it’s not invincible, but why would you need an invincible move when the opponent can’t attack you anyway when you would normally use it? (stunned from the normal move you canceled from, lying on the ground, etc…) But if you keep insisting that the only thing this move is good for is to go under high tiger shots… then I give up.

exactly use it to maintain pressure, and for mix-ups just like you would have since Alpha 1, though not to that extent.

you can do it for the ghetto ass c-groove combo. lvl2 qcfx2+mp, qcb+lp, qcfx2+k rotate clockwise and mash like mad
someone else mentioned this but you could also go sweepxxqcb+p just for the hell of it.

A great mind game that really messes with people is to use qcb+lp and as soon as you recover, super. They see you roll, they think they can get a free low attack or throw, and as soon as they try to counter you come out of it and super (I run him K so I usually throw a level three shinryuken). Even if you are running PSNK where you don’t have a normal roll, if you are smart with it and use it while you’re pressuring it works. But if you’ve already thrown out the qcb+lp a few times during the match then they might not fall for it.