Command Throw Option Select

I was fiddling in ranked match and I just experimented with a Ken because on everytime he did a wake up he would respond with a normal throw so during one vortex I mixed up with this:

Empty Jump
360+ LPLK

This motion teched the throw.

I tried it again during a tick throw setup and he responded with a throw and it teched the throw again.

I went into training mode and these following 360 motions are option selects (( or it seems to be)

The following motions do the following (( This is experinemted with my freind in training mode using Ryu as a dummy)
Tech Throw
Normal Throw
Command Throw

EX Command Throw
Tech Throw
Sometimes Normal Throw

Ultra 1
Tech Throw
Normal Throw

Tech Throw
Normal Throw

EX Command Throw
Tech Throw
Normal Throw

I am testing the properties of what gets what right now; Ill try to make a video by the end of the day.


Wowzers. Interesting. Time to turn on the PS3.

Video is up

Normal Throw out-prioritizes (EX)SPD/Super/Ultra. You get (EX)SPD/Super/Ultra if the final direction made you duck or jump. Just so you know.

So ending the 360/720 with F or B always results in a normal throw, an up direction will also be a normal throw if you do it when you land. a down direction should always result in a special throw. So 360 ending in D+LP/LK is a crouch tech/SPD OS.

Is this adding on to what I already explained from your prior knowledge or? I dont know if this supports is disproves what I discovered.

Thanks to Joe for the insight, and Doopliss for the explanation.

[quote=“Doopliss, post:4, topic:108127”]

Normal Throw out-prioritizes (EX)SPD/Super/Ultra.QUOTE]

Doesn’t that only apply on startup? Meaning that players usually wouldn’t want to do wake-up mt. I guess this makes it an option now.

This is basically what happens will use Arturo, name is irrelevant.

T.Hawk wants to do a tick throw set-up
Arturo knows what the tick throw sets are and knows a normal throw beats command throw
T.Hawk starts his tick throw set up with Body Splash cr.LK then option selects with 360+LPLK
Arturo trys to grab T.Hawk
The Throw is teched because the game reads the grabs as clashing.

The command throw basically works also if your opponent pushes a weaker button.