Command throw...



Well, we all know Honda’s command throw has to have the shittiest range in the game. I like playing k-Honda and rushing even though he sucks at it, and I like to use the command throw alot. I’ve gotten a few tricks to landing it… but most of them suck because the range is friggin horrible. Ticking with jab is the best I can do for now; it works for the special and the super, but only if you’re really really close. One thing I’ve been trying to do but haven’t been able to is to Kara his roundhouse or f+roundhouse into the the command throw. So thats my question. Can this be done? Can you kara into the command throw for more range? If so, which normal, and whats the best way to execute it?


Yeah I’d like to know more about this as well cuz I’d like to learn some setups for command grab. Even if he doesn’t need to use em that much just be good to know.