Command Throws vs. Regular Throws

I hope this isn’t beating a dead horse, but are there any advantages to using a regular throw over a command throw if you have an opening to connect with either? I’ve been playing a lot of Abel and Honda lately and so far it looks like the only reason you wouldn’t want to command throw is that they’re more unsafe on block - is there more to it?


I think you mean “more unsafe on whiff”? I don’t think you can block a command throw o_O

Obviously it being unsafe if you miss it…that’s a good enough reason to use a regular grab.

Command throws cannot be teched.

Command throws usually have more range than regular throws.

Most EX command throws are invincible to other throws.

Most command throws are actually slower than regular throws - only Zangief iirc is faster.

There’s some positional advantages to using regular throws as well. For example: if you’ve cornered someone with Honda and decide to go with a throw, you usually don’t want to use the command throw because that’ll put you in the corner. There are also some setups that only work off of normal throws.