Commander Keen


Do you remember this game? I was talking to my friend today and asked him about it and surprisingly he remembered, which led us to try to download it. I didn’t expect to find it as freeware really. Although I didn’t really play versions 1-3 I surely remember 4 and 6 (specially 4).

This is the link if anybody is interested:

Commander Keen

Notice that you will have to download a DOS emulator in order to install/run it on Windows XP/Vista/7.


just go play Doom II


you can pick it up off steam for really cheap. I got mine in the iD pack with all their fps’ for like 8 bucks haha.


Yeah keen is so good. Dope Fish FTW


All about that Bounder.

Commander Keen 4 was one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences for me. It’s a shame I only beat 1 and 4.

The game had a lot of options and the graphics were gorgeous for that age, it also had a lot of comedy.


Yep! played all of them!
286 8Mhz, 64K of RAM, 16 colors EGA display that my Dad paid over 8’000$ for me to play games!

The first Duke Nukem was dope too!
(Exacly the same kind of gaemplay).


ID Software >>>>>>>


Secret Agent was also dope too. Apogee was the shit!