Commando as 3rd char


Commando has a full life bar fighting two medium to weak characters. 20-40 seconds left on the clock. How does commando win this without getting chipped or thrown to death? Any attacks seem to get out-prioritized by point or assist and consequently aircomboed.

hk throw (glitch) that shit and mash like crazy!

instant death if mashed right (and if it’s not counter mashed)


:wtf: Totally depends on who you’re facing, doesn’t it? Playing Strider/Doom is ten times different than Storm/TBonne or Cable/Sentinel or Servbot/Doom.

Generally - abuse the throw (on ground AND in air) since that’ll give you a mental edge, and use Mummy and Ninja for knock-down and chip. Cap’s FP has surprisingly quick priority, too. Never ever use the Captain Sword as a chip tool if your opponent is on the ground - your opponent if smart can time a free character swap during the Sword, and there goes half your life…

Watch tournaments & videos too - invariably you’ll see a guy trying to come back with CapCom, and you’ll see some success with that. A good CapCom is often the difference in the match.

Just start playing CapCom “naked” a little bit - put him out there on point, and don’t allow yourself to assist. If you can’t play him by himself like that, ya shouldn’t be using him. You’ll probably get your lunch handed to you for a while, but trial by fire is a damned good way to learn.

EDIT: cough

Just a note, Capcom’s air throw is with HP. :wink:

I would say try to do your best to rush down. And don’t Cap.Corridor hoping it will hit.

use the counter captain corridor (similar to cahvb) xx to the captain sword. CAN be very useful

Flashy Combo’s w/ cap on point

I know this may be of subject a bit;) but this is the only CapCom thred still in use it seems:(

The combo’s involve Storm as an assist or Iron Man/War Machine as an assist. Tell what you think…

  1. Storm lightining assist, i think b.

    lk. , lk. , Hk. (call Storm assist), qcb Hp., Captain Sword supper. <nice damage and some what flashy>

2)Now this is my favwhere did my life go combo. Iron
Man/War Machine anti air assist (the timing is slightly
different between the two with cause of the speed of the
assist are a little different)

lk., lk., Hk. (call assist), qcb Hp., (pause slightly) qcf Hk, juggles,
and (pick one):evil: …

a. dash forward some, Hk into an air combo <ouch>. You must kick them before they touch the ground. (for some reason you can’t otg them):frowning:

b.qcb Hk. (simple but damaging!!!)

c.Captain Sword or, qcb p. I have not been able to do both though because your not able to do the super while CapCom lil’ partna’s are on screen.

d. shoot their a** wit’ qcf Hp. (boring but still they’ll cry):lol:

There are a few other things you can do at the end of this extremly flashy combo :wink: but these are the best.

This is my first time posting some instructions on how to do a combo and man it feels and looks good…
Let me know if by chance you’ve already seen this combo before, or am I that creative

Sweet corner combo w/ Sentinel Projektile assist.

Jump in FP, LK, C.FP+Assist, Mummy, OTG LK, FP, FP Captain FireXX Captain Corridor.


Jump in FP, LK C.FP+AssistXX Captain Sword.

The second combo does massive damage.

I don’t know why but I have the most trouble rushing down with CapCom, he has slow accleration that messes me up or something. Good thing I generally finish the job with Sent before having to actually use Capcom.

What about about Captain Corridor and Captain sword if your opponent is in the air? Captain corridor if the opponent is in the air is pretty safe… because I don’t think even Mag’s airdash will take him down fast enough to punish Commando. Captain sword on the other hand still might be dangerous since they drag the opponent down to the ground.

I think for commando to survive is to just run away and throw mummies. If he is ahead life-wise… why risk your win? It will be difficult for Commando to win if he is losing… anybody try Hoover? It’s a decent attack and good damage. I’m not sure if he acts like a one-hit shield… o_O cuz he does get knocked away. I think… x_x argh!

use his throws as much as you can and call out your helpers(mummy,ninja,not the baby though) to do chip damage and keep them grounded. also mix it up a little, like it you get someone in the air throw, then go for the hk throw or if you think they’re predicting you to throw them do a combo like lk, lk, corridor, sword, since they’ll probably be trying to tech hit the throw. should you kill one of the characters, when the next character comes onto the screen, try and cross them up and do lk, crouching fierce, running super. it does pretty good damage and you can otg after it if they land close.

what exactly is the throw glitch?

you simply do the kick throw(where mando grabs the guy, and starts pumping em w/ electricity with his other hand).
And wiggle the stick like mad left and right, while mashing on the buttons.

If you do it enough, and the other guy isn’t countermashing, It’ll do a shitload of damage, and when you stop, mando’ll STILL be pumping them w/ electricity.

Wow…I never knew that most players almost depend on CapCom’s glitch grab & his helpers…
I thought he was a good character, over-all(except for his slight bad recovery with all of his moves)…

My sister says he’s a perfect rush down character, is that true?